5 Tips for Starting Out Clean and Healthy In Your New Apartment

You’ve just moved into a new apartment, and you want to start everything out on the right foot, especially when it comes to matters of cleanliness and health. Particularly if you haven’t gone through the apartment rental process in the past, you may not be sure how to begin making that happen.

To help you out, follow these five tips on how to start out clean and healthy in your new apartment – discuss the landlord’s cleaning policy, make an early decision about using natural or chemical cleaners, set up mold prevention in your wet rooms, buy a high-quality air filter, and start a cleaning maintenance schedule immediately after moving in.

Find Out The Landlord’s Final Cleaning Policy

Most landlords will follow a move-out cleaning process after a tenant leaves. Discuss what this was with your landlord after you’re moved in. This way you’ll have a good base of knowledge about the last things that were done in terms of overall cleaning, disinfecting, deep cleaning in and behind appliances, and other details like that. If anything was missed, this will be your chance to look it over as well.

Make the Decision About Natural or Chemical Cleaners      

Most people have a preference to use either natural or chemical cleaners. Depending on your disposition, you’ll make that decision as an adult. One thing to note, though, is that if you mix natural cleaners and chemical cleaners, they tend to fight each other for one reason or another. For instance, if you use a chemical cleaner to wash your windows one time, and then a natural cleaner the next time, the results are pretty poor. So decide early to use all-natural cleaners or all other derivatives to avoid this issue.

Set Up a Mold Prevention System        

Once you move into a new place, the very first time you take a shower, if you don’t use mold prevention techniques, then the slime will begin to grow. And once it gets started, it’s extremely difficult to hold back.

Buy an Air Filter              

Especially in urban environments, air quality is a major health issue. Buy the best quality air filter that you can that is rated for the amount of space you have, and run it all the time. It’s a huge benefit to your overall quality of life to be breathing clean air.

Begin a Maintenance Schedule Immediately

There are lots of ways, once your apartment is clean and sanitary, to keep it that way. But these ways need to be maintained consistently from the very beginning of your moving in date. Don’t delay – get those cleaning systems and processes on your calendar for daily use!