6 Habits of People Who Hide Their Depression

Every year many individuals commit suicide due to suffering from depression. In most cases, it could have been avoided if their near and dear ones were vigilant to notice signs of depression. Thousands of people suffer from depression every year and not many are lucky to have a strong support system around them. To be able to help someone who is suffering from depression, we need to be able to recognize the signs of depression which we have discussed below;

1. They Make Efforts to Look Ok:

Depressed people try to take extra efforts to showcase that they are happy just to conceal their real feelings. In fact, the personality of such people in public changes and they become more positive around others just to hide their true emotions

2. They Try to Overcome Depression on Their Own:

Depressed people try to take care of their own condition by indulging in activities that will treat their state of mind such as listening to music, watching a play, walking, and exercising just to distract themselves from their emotions. This is one way they try to conquer their own demons.

3. They Eat and Sleep Abnormally:

Depressed people are so indulged in their thoughts that they do not really care about what they eat and when they sleep as their appetite reduces and they start losing sleep due to emotional distress. In fact, depression can cause many sleepless nights which can take a toll on the person’s health. 

4. They May Misuse Substances:

Many depressed people end up misusing substances as they are aware that it can suppress their emotions from which they are trying to run away. If a depressed person starts using substances, this is a call for help as it indicates that they are unable to deal with their emotions on their own. It is essential to get help to handle the addiction by reaching out to the experts from Suboxone Treatment Clinic. In the long term, such people need to visit a psychologist to deal with their emotions so that they do not relapse.

5. They Subtly Leave Hints to Ask for Help:

Depressed people are not always closed. Sometimes they do try to reach out to their family and friends subtly. Revealing what they are really feeling is difficult hence they may pass some hints for others to catch. It is important that in such moments the family focuses on the hints and try to talk it out with the person.

6. They Search for Life’s Purpose:

Everyone is living to fulfill a purpose in life. Depressed people lose hope and life’s purpose. In fact, most of the people suffering from this condition struggle initially to get out of it by finding a purpose in life. Indulging in helping the underprivileged sometimes becomes fulfilling for such people. They are always searching for something to make their life fulfilling.

Depressed people do not really want to be depressed, in fact, they search for love and acceptance from people around them so that they can rebound back and start living a happy life. Be alert and if you ever see any person struggling, do not ignore the signs and start acting on it to help the person, you never know, you may be saving a life.