6 Holistic Programs for Greater Employee Health

Employee health is key to job performance and overall company efficiency. If you pride yourself on running a lean, green organization but have not spent time finding stress-relieving holistic health programs for your worker, you need to examine this rapidly growing business sector. The benefits are numerous – and often involve cost savings, since health insurance companies are beginning to note the effects of wellness and prevention programs. To keep your employees happy and give them a boost in efficiency, consider programs that involve:

1. Nutrition: Reach out to local health organizations and colleges to see if you can bring in a nutritionist for regular classes and personal sessions. Nutrition programs help your employees to create a diet plan that works with their life goals. This does not always mean losing weight: Normally, the more holistic goal of these programs is to provide employees with more energy, confidence, and a better understanding of the foods they eat and how they can improve their health by making wiser decisions. The business benefits from increased attentiveness and energy levels that come from smart eating instead of caffeine.

2. Massage: If your employees work stressful jobs or have to sit down in the same place all day (or a combination of the two), consider bringing in a professional masseuse for a day or two each week. More and more companies are implementing massage programs to help relieve tension and stress in their employees. It does not take any special skill or time on behalf of your employees, and does not take longer than a lunch break, but the benefits can last for weeks and can motivate employees to return to their jobs with renewed focus.

3. Acupuncture: Search in your area for any local acupuncturists that would be willing to work with your company. Much like a massage program, an acupuncture program is designed to relive tension, muscle aches, and stress. It may take a little more investment than a massage session, especially when it comes to time, but the benefits can last even longer and employees may be more willing to try this exotic form of therapy. Remember to find a professional with the proper experience and certification (acupuncture organizations do indeed exist!).

4. Yoga: Yoga classes allow employees to both exercise and relieve tension built up in their busy jobs. There are dozens of benefits to allowing employees to exercise at work, from a health rise in endorphin levels to greater long-term health and even more innovation and team-building. Yoga classes are an ideal option because you can choose to offer employees passes to a local yoga club, or set aside work space and time to adopt a yoga class within the company.

5. Biofeedback: Biofeedback therapy uses a set of electrical sensors that monitor a variety of body functions and energy levels, from muscle tension and temperature to heart rate and breathing. By looking at the feedback, employees can learn to control stress and relax at will. Through multiple sensors, workers can start to automatically manage stress in healthier ways rather than letting it impact their bodies and work performance.

6. Energy Healing: This Eastern technique incorporates a number of activities in a holistic health program that involves acupressure, massage, and several other disciplines. Energy healing is a useful option for general stress management.

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