7 Benefits of Getting Braces

If you didn’t have a brace fitted in your teens, you may go into adulthood with wonky teeth alignment. This can affect your health and your esteem, with problems spanning from your ability to effectively bite and chew, to your confidence. There are loads of benefits to consider of getting a brace in adulthood, which will correct your teeth to give you a perfect smile for life!

Your local orthodontist won’t be far from you – find out where they are located and give them a visit, like this orthodontist in Richmond. Nobody has ever regretted improving their smile, so if you are considering correcting your teeth, go ahead and make your appointment as soon as possible. Here are some reasons to help you cement your decision.

  1. It Boosts Your Self-Esteem

Having straight, pearly white teeth makes you look and feel more attractive, and means you’re more likely to smile and be friendly. Getting braces as a child can set up positive self-esteem and self-image to carry through to adulthood. As an adult, it can improve your confidence which will help you in social situations and even give your career a boost.

  1. There Are Lots of Alternatives to Metal

If you are self-conscious about your smile but don’t want the metal train tracks, you’re in luck! There are plenty of discreet options for straightening your teeth now, rather than the full metal style you associate with teenagers. A white or invisible brace could have your smile looking perfect in no time, without the embarrassment of a chunky silver brace.

Other options to consider are Invisalign styles, which are a clear ‘tray’ which should be worn over your teeth for up to 22 hours per day, and are hardly visible. These can be taken out for eating, so won’t get food stuck in them like the regular kind. There is also the option of ‘Lingual braces’ – these sit BEHIND the teeth, so nobody will tell you’re wearing a brace! The one drawback of this kind is that it can be hard to dislodge trapped food particles.

  1. It Means You Have Healthier Teeth and Gums

Yes, really! Straighter teeth are actually easier to clean – there are less nooks and crannies for pesky food particles to get stuck in. Having straight teeth makes it so much easier for your toothbrush to reach all the tooth surface. Being able to brush thoroughly contributes to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Your new straighter teeth will help prevent the onset of cavities and gum disease – a great added bonus!

  1. Your Teeth Are Less Likely to be Broken

If you play a lot of sport, or are accident prone, getting a brace to straighten your teeth has an even bigger benefit. Teeth that are all in line with each other and not protruding are less likely to get knocked out or broken in an accident.

  1. Straight Teeth Show Less Signs of Wear

Teeth that are poorly aligned are more likely to rub and jar against each other, which can lead to wear and tear and grinding over time. This wears down the enamel and can lead to tooth sensitivity and decay. It can also gradually push your jaw out of line, which causes even bigger problems.

Getting your teeth correctly in line is therefore a much more important process than just making them look nice – it has serious long-lasting benefits for your teeth, bones and jaw.

  1. It Can Improve the Look of Your Whole Face

Aligning the teeth can mean that your lips and jaw sit in the right place, and completely change your whole face. Your jaw will appear softer and more defined, and can bring everything into proportion, as well as giving you an award-winning smile.

  1. It Can Help Alleviate Headaches

If your teeth are crooked and don’t sit right, it can lead to strain of the muscles in the face and jaw, which can alarmingly cause headaches. Bringing your teeth into proper alignment can mean that your muscles relax and can relieve the tension that arises from jaw-clenching.

Photo by monica y garza