The Layers of People Who Care for Your Health

When it comes to caring for your health, there are many layers of people within the welfare and hospitalization industries. A few of them may come to mind immediately. You assume that doctors and nurses are always going to be a part of the healthcare system. But there are also other people you should be aware of. Namely, there is administration and management, and then the support staff to make the whole thing run smoothly.

So when you think about all of the different facets of the healthcare industry, especially as related to health insurance costs, it’s important to know that all of those people will fit into the financial spectrum.


Your doctors are going to be your primary observers and analysts. Doctors are the ones who have the knowledge to figure out what’s wrong with you, and then take steps to make you better. To be a doctor, there’s an intense amount of study and practical application needed, and even with all the technology and information available, mistakes still happen. Doctors are only human, but they do the best they can to give you the best care possible.


Nursing staff is another layer of your healthcare. Over the years, the job of a nurse has changed. Gender roles have changed, duties have changed, and medical technology has changed. Nurses probably do a whole lot more than you think. And this is why you should always give them a degree of respect, even if they don’t have the role of a full-fledged doctor. Without nurses, the healthcare industry would be a disaster, and there would be no way to handle all of the health needs of the millions and millions of people going into and out of hospitals every day.


The third layer of people who ensure that you get the health benefits that you need are the managers and administrative staff. When you look into healthcare management, you’ll see that it’s a peculiar and mostly thankless job. Though the doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other professionals of that type have most of the action involved and get most of the praise, without administration and management, everything would fall apart logistically.

Support Staff

And finally, there is the support staff. Every single person employed by a healthcare facility is a part of the structure that keeps things running. These are not the highest paid positions. But a majority of the employees in any industry are going to be support staff. These are IT professionals, janitorial staff, aides, and everyone else who is employed to make sure that standards are kept. Healthcare support staff are the ones who ensure that you get into a healthcare setting in the most efficient way possible, and then take care of details when you leave.