7 Reasons Why Your Teeth are Sensitive

7 Reasons Why Your Teeth are Sensitive

Know everything about tooth sensitivity through us.

Are you unable to bite into your favorite ice-cream without a painful sensation overtaking your teeth? Is the pain getting too much to bear these days?

Well, tooth sensitivity is the main cause of this.

In this article, we will talk about what is tooth sensitivity, what are the causes, and how can you stop it.

What is Tooth Sensitivity and What are its Causes?

Tooth sensitivity is a type of dental problem that causes a sharp pain whenever your teeth come in contact with a certain temperature or subject. Additionally, this type of pain is sudden and short-lived.

Tooth sensitivity can cause major inconveniences whenever you are trying to eat or drink anything.

Now, what is the cause of this dental issue? Well, take a look at the below-given reasons.

Reason 1: Grinding Your Teeth

One of the major reasons for tooth sensitivity is tooth-grinding. If you are a tooth-grinder, you may face this problem always.

By grinding your teeth, you are breaking down the enamel of your teeth. Enamel is the strongest substance that protects your teeth.

Once, the enamel is destroyed, it exposes the middle layer of your teeth, named Dentin. Dentin contains certain tubes that lead you to your nerves.

So, whenever you eat any cold or hot food, it comes in contact with the nerves and causes extreme pain sensation.

Reason 2: Brushing Too Vigorously

Another reason why your teeth are extremely sensitive is the way you brush.

When you brush too hard or your toothpaste is harsh, it can cause the wear and tear of your tooth’s protective layers. Due to this, your hollow tubes that lead to the nerves are exposed as well.

This exposure can cause a prickling sensation known as tooth sensitivity.

You can try out soft-bristle toothbrushes and sensitivity toothpaste to reduce tooth sensitivity.

Reason 3: Consuming Acidic Food

Eating plenty of acidic food items like beverages, pickles, etc. can also cause sensitivity.

Acidic food items tend to cause enamel decay and gum problems. As mentioned above, decayed enamel and destroyed gums expose nerves and thus, causes sensitivity.

Reason 4: Using Low-Quality Mouthwashes

There are poor-quality mouthwash brands that can cause tooth sensitivity. Such mouthwashes contain a lot of chemicals and alcohol that can make the nerve endings more liable to pain. This results in tooth sensitivity in the long run.

Try using natural rinses with no chemicals, especially if your dentin is exposed. Excessive use of mouthwashes containing a lot of chemicals can result in problems much bigger than tooth sensitivity.

Reason 5: Having Excessive Plaque

Plaque is a layer formed on your teeth after you eat or drink. Bacteria adhere to this layer and start forming dental cavities. The main purpose of brushing and flossing is removing that layer.

If oral hygiene is ignored for a long time, the plaque builds up causing tooth decay, dental cavities, and tooth sensitivity.

A visit to your dental office can help you remove the plaque and treat the cavities. However, you need to start taking care of your oral hygiene.

Reason 6: Suffering from Gum Diseases

The reason for your tooth sensitivity could be an underlying gum disease. As you age, your gums start receding which exposes the roots of your teeth. The receding process could speed up if you have poor oral hygiene.

Other reasons are gum infection or inflammation, so check with your dentist for the best treatment.

Reason 7: Having a Cracked Tooth

If you recently got your tooth cracked or chipped, it is probably the main reason for your tooth sensitivity. This will result in root canal exposure which will cause extreme pain.

Your dentist will inform you about the best treatment plan like simple filling, root canal filling, or tooth extraction.

Final Word From Us

Having tooth sensitivity can cause serious discomfort and extreme pain.

Luckily, there are a lot of options and treatments available that can relieve your pain and help you enjoy your ice-cream again without screaming!

So, consult your dentist or change your daily habits to get rid of tooth sensitivity.