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  • Ditch the Dentures? Five Things To Know About Dental Implants

    Missing teeth cause embarrassment and make it difficult to eat and talk. Dentures help return functionality, but they are not the best solution. For a better, more permanent solution, dental implants provide realistic-teeth that work and feel just like normal teeth. Look and Feel Real The crown that is placed on top of a dental […]

  • How Should You Reward Kids for Good Dental Hygiene?

    Instilling good dental habits in your kids from a young age can be challenging, especially with all the sweets that are out there today. Sometimes just convincing them to brush their teeth on a regular basis can be hard enough.   The tools of bribery that we often find ourselves using might not work in […]

  • Health Secrets: Six Ways Your Mouth is the Key to Good Health

    Your mouth can say many things about your health without saying a single word. Oral health is an important indicator of a person’s overall state of health. Are you wondering what kind of hidden story your teeth tell? Discover how the information provided can help you unearth the hidden health problems lurking inside your body. […]

  • Want To Brighten Your Smile? 5 Natural Whitening Remedies

    Perfect teeth are everywhere. Cosmetic dentistry is a multi-million dollar industry dedicated to changing dingy, yellow teeth in to photo ready smiles. But, not everyone wants to use such harsh chemicals. There a way to keep your smile healthy, clean, and your teeth bright and white! Here are 5 all-natural solutions to a breathtakingly white […]

  • Foods to Avoid to Keep Your Smile Shining

    Your smile is one of your most important accessories, a part of your persona that is inevitably noticed by those you meet and interact with. It conveys your words, your mood, and hints about the way you care for yourself. Your smile, like so many aspects of your health and mental outlook, is largely affected […]