8 Tips to sleep better and longer

8 Tips to sleep better and longer

Getting a better and longer sleep can create a positive impact on your good health. Hence, it is important for you to focus on how to get such a sleep at all times. Achieving such a sleep would not be a challenging thing to do as well. All you have to do is to focus on the basics. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to get a better and longer sleep.

Set a personalized bedtime 

According to health experts, schooling people have to get about 9 to 12 hours of sleep per night. However, you can find a huge variability in the sleep patterns and needs of little ones. In most of the people, the sleep patterns don’t change very much. Even if you put the early risers to bed at a later time, they would still get up early. On the other hand, the night owls would not go to sleep until their body is ready to go to sleep. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parent to figure out how much sleep is required by the little one to wake up the following morning with a refreshed mood. Then you can take necessary measures to set up a proper bedtime accordingly. 

Set a proper wake up time 

Once you have a clear understanding about the sleep requirements of your little one and what time the go to bed, you can simply set a daily wakeup time for them. It is possible for you to give your people the opportunity to sleep a little later on holidays and weekends. The extra hours that your person gets to sleep would feel like jet-lag. 

Turn off the television at least two hours before your sleep time

From various studies, it has been identified that the light coming out of a television screen can interfere the release of a hormone in your body called melatonin. According to health experts, melatonin is an extremely important hormone in the sleep-wake cycles of people. Then the level of melatonin within the body reach to its maximum level, most of the people would feel sleepy and they would get the need to go to bed. That’s why it is always better to switch off the television at least two hours before the bedtime. Otherwise, you will keep your little one awake for few more hours. 

Maintain a consistent bedtime routine 

Bedtime routines are extremely important for all the people. That’s mainly because they don’t have a clear understanding on when they should go to sleep and when they should wake up. If you can do specific things with your little one, such as reading out a story, your little ones will have a clear idea about what’s coming next. Then your little one would automatically feel sleepy. 

Eliminate stress before bedtime 

FranklyHealth mentioned that cortisol is another hormone that plays a vital role within the body before sleep. This hormone is also known as the stress hormone. When the level of cortisol hormone is high, your person will not be able to go to sleep. Therefore, you need to take necessary measures to keep your little one away from stress before sleep time. In order to do that, you can dim the lights, keep bedtime activities calm and create a quiet environment. All these methods will reduce the production of cortisol within the body of your little one. 

Not only light can create an impact on the sleep of your little one. It has been identified that there is a strong relationship in between temperature and sleep as well. The level of melatonin hormone within the body would assist your little one to reduce the internal temperature of the body. You can provide a support to this process by reducing the external temperature. If you can make the bedroom of your little one much cooler, your little one will find it as an easy task to go to the bed. 

Create a peaceful environment 

A peaceful environment will assist your little one to sleep without much hassle. On the other hand, if the bedroom of your person has too many toys, he/she will find it as a difficult task to go to bed. Therefore, it is a good idea to replace all the toys in your person’s room with room darkening shades and soft sheets. Then you will be assisting your person to find the difference between day and night, which makes it easy for him to sleep. 

Minimize the focus on sleep

Most of the people find it as a difficult task to shut down their brains during night time. Therefore, it is important to reduce the focus on sleep from your people. In fact, you should do it instead of increasing the anxiety of them to go to sleep. Plenty of methods are available for you to calm down and relax the body of your little one. You just need to try out few such methods. 

Keep an eye on sleep disorders

Sleep orders can also keep your little ones away from sleep. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to keep an eye on it. If your person continuously fails to sleep at night, he must be suffering from a sleep disorder. Therefore, it is a wise idea to take your little one to a doctor. The doctors can figure out whether your little ones suffer from any kind of sleep disorder or not. 

Some people find it as a difficult task to go to bed at night because of the fears that they have in mind. In other words, fears keep your little ones away from bed because it increases the anxiety. Therefore, it is important for you to make your little one feel relaxed as much as possible in order to calm down the body. 

Follow these tips and you can easily securer a good sleep at night.