A Healthy Mindset over a Healthy Diet

2020 is no joke when it comes to the importance of a healthy mind. So much in the world is changing and with that comes a lot of consequences for our health. As many workers transitioned to working from home on a daily basis, many forgot how infrequent the diets could become in doing so. Sitting in a meeting all day is normal but after that, what is there to do? Many Americans turned to snack more frequently throughout the day. As the quarantine hardened and fewer people were exercising by habit, it became obvious to many health officials there could be a potential problem. People still had access to high-fat food and drive-thrus. Ordering through Postmates or DoorDash was another way of gaining an unhealthy addiction. However, many health and wellness experts such as Helen Lee Schifter were a lot more worried about people’s minds and not what the scale said. 

It’s important to focus on the health of the mind over the body. Yes, seventy-five percent of Americans are overweight, but that is not the issue here. With weight gain, comes many mind games. Those are much more important than conquering the scale. Millions of people struggle with mental health issues and that’s why it’s extremely important to focus on mindsets over anything else. As an individual, it’s very important to remember that a pandemic is not normal. No one could have predicted such an insane virus to spread. Please give yourself credit to adjustments your body is making during this time. The weight people gain or lose will fluctuate because that’s what it’s supposed to do. Sometimes it’s hard to believe in ourselves because of how society has taught us to work against one another and especially against ourselves. Beating oneself up is not the best technique for trying to have a healthy mindset. Healthy diets are of course important. Drinking teas willed with antioxidants or eating vegetables with folic acid help the body develop and heal. Lemon water is always a good way to help lower blood sugar and help with blood pressure. However, Helen Schifter emphasizes that keeping the mind at peace will lead to the ultimate human wellness. Getting into negative ways of life is not beneficial in any way. It can be harmful to self-esteem, confidence, and the physical body. So much pain and suffering can be avoided by keeping the mind happy. Repeating phrases such as; “I am loved”, “I love myself”, “It’s going to be okay”, and “Everything happens for a reason”, can help keep tranquil spirits.