A Simple Gesture: How Sending Flowers to a Hospital Can Make a Big Difference

A Simple Gesture: How Sending Flowers to a Hospital Can Make a Big Difference

When you have someone in the hospital, sending flowers to them might be the only thing remaining for them to get back home – we all want that, right? Did you know that you can brighten their days in the hospital with flowers before they get back home?

What if you want to remind them how special they are to you? Flowers can also help you with this. According to many studies, you can create a positive mood by just sending them flowers. You can even help them heal faster through such a simple gesture!

No matter how simple a gesture you might think flowers are, they might be the difference in giving hope to a person in the hospital. So, if this is something you have thought about, do not hesitate to proceed. You might help a person get home sooner than they thought.

Sending Flowers to a Hospital

Even though we have said that you should be sending flowers to a loved one in the hospital, there are a couple of things and tips you should know. For example, some hospitals might not allow you to send flowers to your loved ones if they are in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

Here are a couple of other things you should keep in mind;

Get Bright and Unique Floral Arrangements

You want to brighten the day for a loved one in the hospital, so make sure that the flowers you are sending are bright. However, this does not mean that you should get just any other bright flowers, they should be unique! You can get unique floral arrangements from Bouqs to ensure that your choice of flowers are going to fully serve their purpose.

Add a Balloon to Make Your Flowers Stand Out

You can try to be as creative as you can when sending flowers to your loved one. Do not limit yourself – look at the things you can add to the flowers to make them stand out. Among the many creative things you can consider, a balloon can make your flowers stand out. However, make sure to only use Mylar balloons – not latex ones.

What if They Cannot Take Flowers?

Chances are that you might have thought that this article is not for you especially if your loved one cannot take or is allergic to flowers. Well, we also got you covered. Instead of sending them flowers, you can consider getting a bamboo plant. Apart from making your loved ones feel better, you will give them something that they can keep for longer.

Consult the Hospital

Make sure that you have consulted the hospital before sending flowers to your loved one. For instance, do you even know where they are recuperating from in the hospital? You might not be allowed to send flowers to areas like the ICU. So, do not just start sending flowers without consultations.

But… Can sending flowers to a hospital make a difference? How will you be helping the patient or the hospital at large?

Sending Flowers to a Hospital Can Make a Big Difference

Leads to a Faster Recovery

According to Roger S. Ulrich, surgical patients in a room whose windows face natural scenes outside have shorter stays in the hospital compared to those in rooms whose windows face brick walls. Chances are that you want your loved one out of the hospital as fast as possible, right?

Well, you can start sending them flowers today. As discussed above, you will brighten their days and then help them recover faster.

Reduces Stress

You will be uplifting the mood of your loved one when you send them flowers in the hospital. This is great for their recovery. However, did you know that studies have found that interactions between people and plants reduce physiological stress? 

Sending flowers to your loved one in the hospital will help them connect with nature and might be a stress-relieving tip you may not have thought about. They will have a positive distraction that they can look at or even hold and play with while in the hospital.

Flowers Improve Tolerance to Pain

If you have ever spent time in the hospital after an illness or injury, chances are that you rarely or did not even have access to a garden view. Since plants and flowers help in improving tolerance to pain, how could you get access to them?

Now, think of your loved one in the hospital. Even though the doctors might be doing everything they can to help your loved one, you also need to do your part. So, get beautiful and bright flowers and send them to the hospital for your loved one – you will help with pain tolerance.

Provides Satisfaction

Studies have indicated that patients in rooms with flowers or any other plants have greater satisfaction and a positive attitude compared to those in rooms without. 

Flowers and plants also contribute to positive health outcomes. If this is not a good reason for you to send flowers to your loved one in the hospital, then what is?

A Simple Gesture, But Helps

Sending flowers to the hospital might look like a very simple gesture. However, as you can see above, it plays a crucial role in helping patients and speeding up recovery. So, what are you waiting for? Send those flowers today and you might get your loved one coming back home sooner than you thought!