Hyrum Taffer is a freelance writer on drug addiction and recovery issues. Through both personal and family experience, Hyrum has seen the reality of drug addiction. With his experience and love for writing he contributes to a number of communities to uplift those in need.

  • A Holistic Approach to Rehab

    Holistic rehab is becoming more mainstream as a natural alternative to traditional 12-step drug and alcohol rehab programs. Combining exercise and nutritional supplementation with physical therapy, meditation and other natural modalities, biophysical or holistic rehab has been shown to help recovering addicts achieve and maintain a healthy mind and body balance that is essential for […]

  • Getting Over Drug Addiction

    Drug addiction can be a crippling affliction for even the strongest of people, and it takes a lot to even start on the necessary steps towards recovery. However, while it is a difficult, and ultimately lonely, process, it is far better than the alternative. A drug dependency can take your friends, your job, and even […]

  • 5 Major Causes of Stress and How To Deal With Them

    Stress affects everyone differently. And while some people may be able to face down anxiety and thrive despite it, others find that the nuisances and responsibilities in their lives have a tendency to build on themselves until even the most mundane tasks seem insurmountable. Unfortunately, the things that trigger stress in an individual are just […]