Naturally Fighting Off Pregnancy Weight Gain

Women who have recently given birth to a child will surely be looking for natural ways to lose weight in the aftermath of the pregnancy. Instead of resorting to harsh pharmaceuticals that can do more harm than good, individuals can instead adhere to the following tips to gradually drop those extra pounds. They should be eminently happy with their bodily appearance within a few months, and family members and friends will be impressed with the changes. Here is some tried-and-true guidance for shedding that unwanted fat.

Consume Super Foods Regularly

Most new mothers have an easier time eliminating fat when they commit themselves to a diet rich in super foods. Nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables will provide the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to continue functioning optimally. Most nutrient-rich foods, in fact, are also low in unwanted saturated fats. Stellar super food options will likely include the following:

  • Grilled fish
  • Kale, spinach and other leafy greens
  • Citrus fruits
  • Avocados
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Beans and whole grains
  • Greek yogurt

Improved diets are relatively easy to come by. A well-stocked pantry that is chock full of super foods will bring on weight loss without much extra effort, which is exactly what most women will be looking for.

Opt for the Stairs

Post-pregnancy weight need not be lost by extreme measures. In fact, a few tweaks to the daily routine can be vital. Women might choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator at every opportunity. Choosing more distant parking spaces can also help. A deficit of 40 or 50 calories each day can accumulate quite handsomely over several weeks, and moms will be able to return to the thin figure they had enjoyed nine months previously. Nature walks, light jogs and short jaunts to the grocery store in the town center can also burn calories. The American College of Sports Medicine has shown that a few short bouts of exercise can be just as effective as longer blocks.


There is evidence that women who breastfeed may return to their pre-pregnancy weights more quickly. While more peer-reviewed studies are needed, women who nurse their infants will be able to add a few hundred extra calories to their daily meals, which means they will have an easier time keeping their blood sugar levels up. Individuals who breastfeed will thus have a better chance of avoiding yo-yo dieting, which can tear healthy eating plans apart before they’ve had a chance to work. Personal physicians can help moms set up an infant-feeding plan if twins or even triplets have been born.

Products that Help

The world is filled with endless amounts of products that help with weight loss. Most tend to not work as well as they claim. It’s important to be careful when buying any weight loss product. The products that do work are the gym related products. Like ab machines, or tangible products that you have to work into your skin. For pregnancy I’ve known a few moms who have seen cellulite go away with the galvanic body spa. The most important thing is to do your homework, although these companies can seem profit hungry some of their products really do help women lose weight.

Choose Strength Training over Cardio

Long cardio workouts are a post-pregnancy trap. Running for multiple hours each day on a treadmill will certainly make the heart healthier, but it will not have much of an impact on stubborn body fat. Shorter bursts of strength training can be more efficient. In fact, building muscle mass will make it easier for women to lose fat. Rowing machines, weight machines, resistance bands and even Pilates classes can have a much larger impact, which is especially important for moms who are likely to be busy caring for their newborn child during most of the day.

Consider Patience a Virtue

Ultimately, the quest to lose that stubborn pregnancy weight should always lean toward moderation. When women devote themselves to healthy foods and short blocks of physical activity, the fat should eventually be drawn off the body. Engaging in breastfeeding and remaining as hydrated as possible should also help. Within a few months, a perfectly sculpted body can be shown off once again.