Back Pain Causes And Relief

Back Pain Causes And Relief

Back pain cannot be termed as an illness. Instead, it is the symptom of a more serious ailment. Thus, treating it with care from the very beginning is necessary. If not, it may have dire consequences and no treatment would be able to reverse it. 

Not only that, but persistent back pain also hampers your daily activities. You might find it difficult to leave your bed in the morning or complete simple tasks like cleaning and picking up an object from the floor. Your work life may also suffer greatly because back pain also reduces productivity. 

Thus, it is extremely important to be aware of all the reasons behind your back pain and take necessary precautions and treatment to relieve yourself of it. 


Strain in muscles

If your body is not fit, or you are not habituated with performing physical activities, then any sudden movement like lifting, pulling, or carrying heavy objects may cause your muscles to strain. This inevitably results in pain. 

Disease in the disc

Discs are cushion-like structures in between the vertebrae of the spine. They are meant to protect the spine, but sometimes, inflammation may cause them to swell. They might even end up getting ruptured. This can only be found out through an x-ray. If not treated, they give rise to backaches. 


The problem of back pain increases in individuals with age. They often complain about suffering from arthritis. It is a condition that is caused due to the deterioration of the joints and cartilaginous tissues of the back, resulting in back pain. If not taken proper care of, arthritis may lead to gradual thinning of the spinal cord; a condition known as spinal stenosis. 


The bones start losing their density and become thinner as an individual grows old with age. This makes the bones prone to fractures and sprains, leading to excessive pain. 


Other causes may include spondylitis, growth of cancerous cells in or around the spine, and kidney stones. 

Ways of Feeling Relief


Regular stretching makes your body flexible and releases tension from the muscles. Back stretches for mid back pain are recommended. It loosens the muscles and prepares them for physical activities without causing any strain. This would stretch out middle back pain and gradually reduce it. 

Losing weight

Excess weight puts more pressure on the spinal cord. This causes more back pain. Thus, you must exercise regularly and follow a proper healthy diet to shed those extra kilos. 

Avoid nicotine

Nicotine takes away the strength from bones by degenerating them. They also weaken the discs in between the spine. This makes the bones vulnerable to pain and injury. A healthy spine can only be acquired by putting a stop to the use of nicotine. 

Heat or cold compress

Heat or cold compress provide temporary relief to the area of pain. Cold compress is recommended for areas that are swollen or have been suffering from inflammation. The cool temperature brings the swelling down. Heat compress can loosen out stiff muscles by releasing the tension from them.