Benefits Of Attending Florida Alcohol Detox Recovery

Alcohol addiction is a common phenomenon, especially among teenagers and millennials today. While many fall into this trap because of the influence surrounding them, others have alcohol addiction because of stress and other mental factors that lead them to the temporary comfort provided by alcohol. Whatever the reason, there is no denying the fact that addiction to alcohol can be likened to that of drugs: it is always destructive for the body. Your physical body suffers, so do your thoughts, and sometimes, even your relationships.

To help those who are suffering from alcohol addiction to recover, the state of Florida has alcohol detox recovery centers, such as St John’s Recovery Place Florida. It is not an institution for you to be simply labeled as an addict—it is there to help you become a better individual. That said, here are some of the benefits that you can gain from attending an alcohol detox recovery center:

1. You Can Be Free Of The Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the many fears and dangers people have when quitting a vice, particularly that of alcoholism, are the withdrawal symptoms. Ending a vice isn’t as easy, as your body is also going to go through a lot of physical changes. When your body has learned to adapt and become dependent on alcohol, your body also suffers when it is abruptly taken away.

In an alcohol detox recovery facility, the focus is on the detoxification of the body. This means that the counselors and medical practitioners in these facilities are qualified to provide you with the best help they can so that your physical health won’t suffer as well. The better your detoxification from alcohol, the higher the chances of success, too. Patients who tend to go back to their vice quickly are those who usually fear the adverse effects that they will experience from having a withdrawal.

2. You Are Surrounded By A Great Support Group

Often, alcoholics find it tough to recover in the “outside” world as they can sometimes mistakenly feel as if no one is there for them. No one understands them, no one likes them, or that they are in a hopeless circle. This is especially prevalent among teenagers, who may have parents who are always away from home, or who may also be in a destructive environment, or those who feel like they are misunderstood.

In an alcohol detox recovery center, you get to meet and talk with others who are like you. You have co-patients who are newbies in the center as well, while others are ahead of their improvement. This kind of environment gives you hope. Some of the facilitators, too, are also previous alcohol addicts whose lives have been reformed. When you are surrounded by this kind of influence, you are more motivated to complete the program and get better as you have other people around you who have succeeded. In the company of others, you feel like you aren’t alone in the journey, and that someone understands you. Mentally, this helps you recover better as well, giving you a higher motivation to be your better self.

3. You Are Taken Away From Negative Influences

This third benefit is probably one of the most apparent benefits that you can gain from an alcohol detox recovery center: you are taken away from the negative influences surrounding you. Many teenagers or young people are into alcoholism because of their peers. Sadly, others are neglected by their parents, or they see this example from their parents as well. 

Perhaps there is that longing in your heart to be a better individual, but this can be very hard to achieve if the influence surrounding you is the same negative circle that put you into that problematic situation in the first place. The first step towards recovery is admitting that you have a problem and realizing that you need to keep yourself away from this problem. In a recovery facility, you are kept safe and away from these individuals. By the moment you return to society, your willpower will already be strong enough not to give in to the same harmful temptation again.


Reliable alcohol and drug detox recoveries are important in society because they help change for the better the lives of the sufferers. For others, it is a choice, while for many, they are merely victims of the society in which they belong. If you live around the Florida area, you’re in even better hands because there are numerous alcohol detox recovery centers you can go to. From treatment to counseling, and also to support groups, there is always something for you to gain.