Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen for Young & Healthy Skin

Anti-aging skin care regimen techniques change from decade to decade. For example, in your 20’s you may already be using UV protectants and moisturizers to reverse aging. However, after the age of 40 the needs of your skin can change which may require you to integrate nutrient-rich formulas and practice more meticulous skin care. As we age, the specific needs of our skin changes and over the age of 50 anti-aging strategies come into play – big time. This is when anti-aging treatment sessions at a skincare salon can also be integrated.

Any age is a good time to start practicing great skin care. But you might not know where to start. Here are 3 of the top ingredients to look for when shopping for skincare products. Use them as a guideline to develop your best Anti-aging skin care regimen – at any age!

Vitamin C

Skincare products containing Vitamin C offer numerous benefits for anti-aging, tone, texture and overall skin health. Vitamin C is naturally produced in the top layers of the skin including the dermis and epidermis in high levels. However as we age, exposure time to damaging ultraviolet or UV light and environmental toxins can add up only depleting this and other essential nutrients in the skin. It’s normal for Vitamin C levels to decline in the dermis and epidermis however, using a product containing Vitamin C can replenish your skin and regenerate skin cells making you appear younger.

Vitamin C also helps promote the production of collagen. Collagen is responsible for smoothing undesirable wrinkles, fine lines, deep wrinkles and even reducing crepe skin texture. Elastin is another vital skin compound found in the top layers of your skin. Working together with collagen, elastin creates what is known as the skin “matrix.” Over time, the strength of the matrix breaks down due to a loss of collagen, elastin or both. Super Vitamin C helps to reduce that loss, promoting firmer skin for youthful skin even later in life.(1)

Another coveted benefit of Vitamin C is the ability to protect skin from sun damage. As a powerful antioxidant Vitamin C is also useful in reducing redness in the skin and improving overall skin tone due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Adding Vitamin C topically through your Anti-aging skin care regimen also helps reduce the risk of what’s known as TEWL, or trans-epidermal water loss. This is one of the most effective ways to retain essential natural moisture of the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) rejuvenates aging skin by hydrating each skin cell from the inside out. In doing this, HA improves skin appearance and texture making it an ideal ingredient in an anti-aging products for your daily Anti-aging skin care regimen. HA is also effective at reducing joint pain and boosting flexibility due to its capacity to hydrate cells of soft tissues.

How Can HA Be so Versiatle?  Well, your body naturally produces this cell nourishing  substance. When consumed, HA offer benefits to all soft tissues including the skin, muscles and joints. When applied topically HA is responsible for aiding in hydrating the skin inside of the skin cells thus eliminating dryness, smoothing texture and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Because HA can also help reduce water loss in the skin (TEWL), it is commonly used to reduce the appearance of sun damage in aged skin. As we age, our skin may lose the ability to retain water so the volume of our skin can also become reduced. External factors such as environmental toxins and UV light, along with internal factors and lifestyle choices can be mitigated by using skincare products containing HA.

HA is known to go to work fast and when added to your Anti-aging skin care regimen you could see results in just 30 days. Products that contain HA were shown to decrease wrinkles and sagging in as little as one month according to a double-blind trial in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology published in 2014 using 40 women.(2)

HA has recently been dubbed “the key molecule involved in skin moisture.” Look for it on the ingredient list when investing in your next skincare product.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids, AHA

Alpha hydroxy acids are made up of both natural and synthetic compounds known to improve skin quality. When correctly used in your Anti-aging skin care regimen, HA can leave your skin smoother, softer and more youthful. You see, the natural ability of AHA to gently exfoliate the skin makes it an ideal way to slough off dead, old skin cells to encourage new cell production. The cycle of chemical exfoliation is also a popular cosmetic treatment in high-end skincare salons. When used for anti-aging AHA gives the skin a smooth appearance which eventually will appear more firm due to how well AHA hydrates the skin.

AHAs include many different acids that are responsible for different functions including glycolic acid, lactic acid and malic acid.

The most crucial of these acids is glycolic acid due to its small size. Its ability to get into the hydrate and penetrate the top layers of skin makes it ideal for helping the skin stay moist and effective at reducing signs of sun damage.

Glycolic acid is found naturally in sugar cane and is commonly included in skincare products. From natural body scrubs to high-end exfoliants and even salon treatments, AHA is known to deliver excellent results for youthful skin.

Lactic acid commonly takes a little longer to deliver results however it is effective. This slightly larger acid is a strong exfoliant often derived from milk but it can also be synthesized. Malic acid helps exfoliate the skin as well as providing it with antioxidants. A well rounded Anti-aging skin care regimen always includes these types of exfoliants.

It is never too early or too late to start taking great care of your skin. Look for these 3 top ingredients when shopping for skincare products during every decade. They can serve as a guideline for your best Anti-aging skin care regimen – at any age!


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