Natural Bath Oils that Boost the Health of Your Skin

Bath oils never fail to appeal to the senses.  Their aroma floats up as you soak in the warmth of your bath, slowly relieving your body of its stresses. They gently soften and smoothen your skin leaving you with an unmistakable glow. You can further enhance this soothing action by using a tub that is deeper than a standard-sized one (click here for some options). Natural oils also combine well with other ingredients for a good detoxifying bath. In addition, natural oils possess antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.  They do not just benefit you on the outside but on the inside as well.  

The natural oils that boost skin health

It is now easy to find natural oils.  People are more conscious of the products they are buying, opting for those that use natural inputs or have little to no synthetic additive.  We have listed down some of these natural oils and their uses.


  • Coconut oil


This oil effectively removes toxins from your skin. It is also a cost-efficient way for you to take care of your body. It can be used as:

  • Body butter – slather on a mixture of coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and your preferred essential oil
  • Face and body scrub – mix a little coconut oil and coconut sugar for a natural scrub
  • Body oil – this is an effective remedy for dry skin.  Rub a little amount of oil in your hands to warm it up before applying

There are still a lot of uses for coconut oil.  They can also be used for dry hands and diaper rashes.  They can also be used for face washes and detox baths.


  • Argan oil


This oil is also called Morocco’s “liquid gold”.  It possesses ultra-hydrating properties for the skin.  Its uses include:

  • Bath and body oil – you can apply a few drops directly to your skin, your lotion or into your bath water
  • Face moisturizer – massage a few drops of pure argan oil on to face and neck.  You can also use as it as a night cream
  • Hydrating toner – mix a few drops to your Orange Blossom or Rosewater for hydration and toning
  • Face mask – make your own mask by mixing 3 drops argan oil, 3 teaspoons Greek yogurt, 1 tablespoon honey, and 1 tablespoon lemon juice.  
  • Lip scrub – make your own exfoliating scrub for your lips by adding a few drops of argan oil to fine brown sugar. Also, add in a little vanilla extract.  This also moisturizes your lips and keeps them soft.

It also treats brittle nails, strengthens your hair, and softens your heels and cuticles.


  • Olive oil


Olive oil is effective in treating dandruff or a dry scalp.  Give your scalp a weekly olive oil massage before a shampoo. Minimize wrinkles and spots on your skin by adding a few drops to your favorite moisturizer.


  • Essential Oils


These oils are used in tandem with carrier oils like the ones listed above.  These include oils from lavender, chamomile, roses, peppermint, moringa, eucalyptus, and tea tree. They have individual attributes that can provide your desired effects.

The past years saw the increasing trend in the use of natural oils for beauty routines. Their use is even considered a beauty secret by some celebrities and top makeup artists.  The best thing about using these oils is that they cost much less than commercial brands with synthetic inputs.  Why not consider buying some the next time you go out shopping?