Broken Bones: How to Heal at Home

As one of the most frequent injuries that involve a hospital visit, broken bones may account for a large amount of downtime for healing and special care at home. After the application of a cast or soft splint is applied to a limb, or bed rest is recommended for a body part that cannot be immobilized, it is vital to care for your broken bone at home with supportive nutrition and careful activities that do not impair healing and maintain your health.


Practice a Nutritious Diet for Healing

Bones replenish themselves on a daily basis with a diet of calcium, magnesium, and protein. Ensure you include milk, fresh veggies, and eggs in a daily diet that nurtures your bones and supports healing. Consume lean proteins to help heal the soft tissue that surrounds the fracture, and promote the health of your bones.


Follow Instructions from Your Health Provider

As new material forms to repair the fracture, the new bone is as thin as eggshells and can easily splinter or break. If your physician has instructed you not to bear weight, or only apply slight pressure on a broken limb, ensure that you adhere to advice that may help you avoid a longer healing time. If you are using crutches, a cane, or other supportive walking device, carefully follow instructions for correct use and avoid further injuries.


Report Changes in Sensations

Although pain and discomfort may be expected from a broken bone, pain medication and elevation of the affected leg or arm should decrease swelling and increase comfort. In addition, check the sensations in your fingers or toes that protrude from the cast, and call your healthcare provider immediately for changes like increased pain and swelling, decreased sensation or numbness on touch, or significant swelling, increased redness, or lack of color of the skin


Be Prepared for Emergencies

The best way to prepare for medical emergencies is assure that you know where the closest hospital is located, which medical facility takes your health insurance, and what hospital allows your personal physician admitting rights. Since suffering a broken bone can occur unexpectedly to anyone at any age, use the Obamacare calculator to find healthcare facilities near you that offer financial help.


Enjoy Hobbies or Reading for Relaxation

Healing a broken bone takes a significant amount of energy from the body that is essential to the repair process. Keep your blood pressure at normal levels by reading a book, enjoying a quiet hobby or spending some quality time with friends and family. Providing your body with the energy it needs to repair can help keep your healing process to the least amount of time as possible.