Calories in Bread: How Much is Too Much?

One of our body’s most common energy sources is bread. It is a nutritious source of energy that you can mix with meat products, leafy vegetables, sweet treats, or you just eat the bread itself. It gives us enough energy to tackle life’s everyday challenges and fill our stomachs when we get hungry. How does bread energize us, you ask? Like consuming any food, our body digests the bread then converts it to calories. The calories in bread then get burned by our body so that we can have the energy to move.

Eating bread is good for our body. But too much of it may cause unwanted effects. There is a certain amount of calories in bread per slice, and too much of it may lead to different health problems. 

Suppose your body can’t burn enough calories in a day, and you ate several slices of bread. In that case, you will get fat, leading to many health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, and even obesity. The recommended calorie intake is 2500 calories for men, and for women, it is 2000 calories.

To avoid too much calorie intake, you must familiarize yourself with the number of calories in bread. This information will help you control yourself when munching on your favorite bread and avoid health hazards at the same time.

Different amounts of calories in bread

1. White bread

This type of bread holds the spot of being the most common type of bread in the United States and most of the industrialized parts of the world. It is made by mixing different ingredients such as wheat flour, malted barley, water, baking powder, gluten, egg, and starch. It has 265 calories upon making this bread, and a slice of it is around 95.6 calories.

White bread is usually eaten with meat products, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, peanut butter, and jams. You can also consume it on its own. But don’t forget to take note of how many slices of bread you have eaten for the day. Also, consider the calories of what product you mixed with bread, for it also adds to the calorie count.

2. Brown bread

This bread is commonly seen in Canada, United Kingdom, and South Africa. In the United States, they have another term for it – wheat bread. It is made of whole-grain flour, molasses, coffee, water, baking powder, gluten, and egg.  It contains around 313 calories when toasted, and one slice of this bread has 87.8 calories.

Those people who eat this kind of bread are usually concerned with their diet. Since a slice of brown bread has lower calories than white bread, they choose to purchase this bread for their daily energy source.

3. Whole wheat bread

If you’re looking for bread that helps you achieve your weight loss goals, whole wheat bread is the way to go. This bread uses an entirely milled flour from whole wheat grains, and it is mixed with some of the usual ingredients of bread like water, eggs, and baking powder. When it comes to calorie count, it contains only 247 calories, and one slice of this bread is 78.3 calories.

Among all the listed types of bread, it has the lowest calorie count, making it the best bread to eat when you don’t want to gain weight and want to keep a healthy lifestyle. The only downside of this bread is its taste. A certain number of people do not appreciate the whole wheat bread’s tastelessness, and the texture of this bread is grainy that many people still consider eating white bread.

4. Pita bread

When you want to try out a Mediterranean delicacy, then try out this bread. Pita bread is an everyday meal in the Middle East and its neighboring areas. Unlike your regular white bread, Pita is made from bakers yeast, wheat flour, water, and salt. Then, it is molded to a flat round bread then heated to a high temperature. This bread contains 140.6 calories per piece.

Many food combinations can be made with pita bread. One famous combination is using this bread with beef or chicken, onions, tomatoes, cheese, and other relishes. Eating pita bread feels heavy in your tummy, so don’t consume a lot of it. This bread will surely make you gain weight if you don’t control yourself from eating it.

5. Milk bread

One of Japan’s most famous bread, milk bread, is made with a mixture of yudane and white bread’s primary ingredients. Yudane gives the milk bread its soft bounce and texture that many of its buyers purchase again. It has 300 calories, and a slice of it contains around 84 calories.

This bread is good to eat with matcha, Nutella, and many sweet treats because of its smooth and soft texture when eating it. The only thing you need to remember is that you must not consume too many slices if you’re concerned about your calorie intake. Maybe two pieces would suffice for you to enjoy this treat.

Wrapping It Up

Eating bread has become a vital part of our everyday life. You can choose to eat it any time of the day, and you may eat it with sweet and savory delights. If you want, you can eat a slice of bread without anything on it.

Just remember to always take into consideration the number of calories in bread. Too much calorie intake can cause unwanted health hazards and weight gain. One word should be remembered when eating bread – moderation.