Revialage Reveals: What Drug Store Hair Care Brands Don't Want You To Know

Revialage Reveals: What Drug Store Hair Care Brands Don’t Want You To Know

Drug store hair care brands usually have one mission, ‘to sell as much quantity as possible.’ Without sales, the company might as well run to the ground.

While it is excellent for a company to be sales-oriented, it is more important for the company to care about its customers. Integrity and fidelity make the best of brands.

At Revialage, we work assiduously to ensure that customers get the best information about their hair. We also ensure that our products are manufactured within the industry’s best practices.

Today, we will be discussing some of the things drug store hair care brands do not want you to know. 

Hair Care Products do not Work Magic

We want to sell our products, but if you want a product that will make your hair luscious, full, and thick within a day—then you may be in the wrong place. Haircare products work like food and drug.

You must take them consistently over a period—at least a month before you see results. Any company selling an overnight solution to baldness is a sham and should be thoroughly avoided. 

Habits Matter

If you want to lose weight, you cannot avoid the gym. You need some form of movement. It would help if you also watched what you eat.

The principle is the same for your hair. Here are instructions on habits you must curtail—or discard if you want a golden hair look. 

– Avoid hairstyles that put undue pressure on your hair—causing it to break.  

– Comb easy. Use the right comb for the right hair volume. And please, oil your hair sufficiently before combing to avoid breakage. 

– Exercise regularly. A good exercise habit will enhance blood flow to your hair follicles. 

Hair Deficiencies Can be Hereditary

If your hairline recedes early in life, you may be a victim of genetics. All hope is not lost nonetheless; however, you must observe your natural hair inclinations: does it break easily? Do you have a receding hairline? Did your hair turn grey early in life?

You must answer questions like these and talk to a licensed hair-care professional on products and habits that can salvage your hair from irrevocable damage. Knowledge is pertinent!

Consistency Matters a Lot

There is no magic with hair care. It takes consistent care and good habits to ensure that your hair is healthy.

Your hair is just like every other part of your body. If you ignore it, the signs, may show.

When you watch music shows and see beautiful women like Beyonce, Shakira, and Taylor Swift flaunting their beautiful hairs, know that you can also achieve what they have. Some consistency of process mixed with a constant desire to make your hair fuller, thicker, and more luscious might be just what you need. 


You must always take a wholesome stance when dealing with your hair. This means eating right, exercising regularly, applying the necessary oils, and using supplements to promote the healing of your scalp and enhance blood flow into your hair follicles.

At Revialage, we have some products that will add tremendous value to your hair health. These include Revialage Hair & Beauty Complex—a mix of essential ingredients that prevent hair breakage and promote hair growth.

We also have the Revialage Regrowth Essential which contains minoxidil, an FDA approved drug that enhances hair regrowth, and Revialage Scalp Recovery—a potent topical mix that will handle all scalp issues you may have. 

We hope you enjoyed our piece. Beyond reading and enjoying a good article on hair care, you must consistently strive to follow sound principles. A woman’s hair is beautiful—and remains one of the best parts of her body. Take care of it!