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  • 5 Career Tips for Pharmacists

    Beginning your career as a licensed pharmacist can be both exciting and overwhelming. While you may feel relieved to be done with your studies to start earning an income, adjusting to your new profession can be nerve-wracking. Read on for five tips to make the most out of your pharmacy career. Take on relief shifts […]

  • How to Identify a Student’s Learning Style with Jonathan Osler

    How to Identify a Student’s Learning Style with Jonathan Osler Introduction In today’s society, college students are faced with options when it comes to their educational experience. Some students like to study in groups, some learn by completing projects, and others enjoy the hands-on approach. A teacher needs to know their student’s learning style to […]

  • male colleague touching female colleague's hand

    Can Sexual Harassment be Considered as Workplace Hazard?

    Sexual harassment in the workplace is defined as any unwelcome sexual advances or offensive remarks about a person’s sex or sexual orientation. This includes both verbal and physical harassment in all forms. This innapropriate behavior includes derogatory comments, requests for sexual favors, or forcing someone to do things as a basis for their employment  It […]

  • 3 Ways To Determine If Your Workplace Is A Safe Working Environment

    If you’re going to be spending the majority of your waking hours at work, it’s worth it to ensure that the place you’re working at is going to protect you and your physical and mental health. However, many people don’t feel like their employer or place of business is doing all they can to assist […]

  • The Different Professions in the Field of Law

    There are so many professional careers one can pursue upon their graduation from law school. Examples include but are not limited to legal instructor, contracts administrator, human resources, financial officer, mediator, FBI agent, magistrate judge, and of course, attorney. Each of these professions has a better starting salary than the national average and multiple opportunities […]

  • Benefits of Working Hard

    Helen Lee Schifter is a professional who knows that there are certain traits and characteristics that are clearly visible with any hard working person. It is easy to notice a hard worker in every work environment because these workers stand out and are worth investing in in terms of productivity and reliability in a work […]

  • Write a CV That Stands Out From the Stack

    Creativity is not always given a spot among our other top priorities. Nevertheless, it can always be beneficial. By standing out from the crowd, your chances of a job interview increase. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, your potential is more than you realize. Top Ideas to Help Craft a Killer CV The following […]

  • A Guide to Starting and Advancing Your Nursing Career

    Aspiring nurses may be wondering what to expect from their chosen career path. What will your selected nursing program involve? When will you be able to start applying for jobs at medical facilities? And how can you specialize in a specific area after racking up a few years of experience? You will find a comprehensive […]

  • When Does a Drug Test Lie?

    Things have changed, and today you don’t have to go to a doctor to do a drug test. This can be done from the comfort of your home. Drug tests are required for employment, students, athletes, criminal activities, and many other reasons. The main goal is to control substance abuse and ensure public safety. While […]

  • What Professions Can Doctors Branch To?

    What Professions Can Doctors Branch To?

    Being a medical student is rewarding. You’re excited to finish school and start saving lives, and helping people reach longevity, as well as a good healthy lifestyle. You relieve people from pain and discomfort.  Being in med school, though, is a lot of pressure, in spite of the bright future, you have ahead. One of […]