Lifestyle Issues That Can Contribute to Male Infertility

Did you know that in more than a third of cases where couples cannot conceive because of infertility, male infertility is a contributing factor?

It is never a good feeling realizing that you might be the one who is infertile. There are many different possible causes for infertility in men. While some of them may involve health conditions which require treatment, quite a few are related to simple lifestyle factors you can control.

In fact, if you have poor lifestyle habits which promote infertility, a good first step might be to try making some simple adjustments. Doing so may make a difference in increasing your fertility.

In this article, we will go over some lifestyle choices which can reduce male fertility so you know what to adjust. But first, here is a quick tip. A simple way to support your reproductive system is to try taking a highly rated supplement such as CONCEPTION MEN Fertility Vitamins by Eu Natural. Healthy ingredients which support male fertility in this supplement include Organic KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Zinc, Magnesium, and Folate. 

You will get the best results from a product like this by taking it every day and giving it time to work. Making the lifestyle changes we suggest in this article should also help you to get the most out of a male fertility multivitamin. Now, let’s get on to discussing the lifestyle problems that damage reproductive health.

1. Taking steroids.

Did you know taking anabolic steroids can literally shrink your testicles, reducing sperm count? If you are using steroids and are able to stop for a while, consider doing so is it may help you to conceive.

2. Using other drugs.

Marijuana, cocaine, and a variety of other drugs also have been shown to decrease the production of sperm. So, if you regularly use any recreational drugs, quitting may help to increase your fertility.

3. Abusing alcohol.

In moderation, alcohol should not have any major negative impact on your fertility. If, however, you drink to excess, your testosterone levels can decrease as a result, hindering your efforts to conceive.

Another reason to moderate your intake of alcohol is to avoid developing liver disease. Not only is liver disease worth avoiding for the sake of your liver, but it also can contribute further to fertility problems.

4. Smoking.

Perhaps not surprisingly, smoking cigarettes or cigars can reduce your sperm count as well. If you are a smoker, you should stop both for reasons related to fertility and your overall health.

But what might surprise you is that even secondhand smoke can interfere with fertility. If you live with somebody else who smokes, consider asking them to quit or at least do so only outdoors where you will not have to breathe in the secondhand smoke.

5. Obesity.

Being overweight is another lifestyle factor which can contribute to male infertility. If you are obese, consider adjusting your diet and implementing a regular exercise plan to help you lose weight. As you shed excess pounds, your chances of conceiving may start to rise.

6. Chronic stress.

If you have been very stressed for a long period of time, there can be an effect on hormone production. This in turn can lead to a reduction in sperm, which can reduce your fertility.

It isn’t always possible to remove all stressors from your life. But if there are any that you think you can confront or remove, doing so could be helpful for your reproductive system. 

If there are things that you are stressing about more than is necessary, you can also try practicing relaxation techniques and adjusting your perspective so that you stress less.

7. Depression.

You may be less likely to conceive if you suffer from depression, particularly if your case is severe.

Should that be your situation, you may want to seek counseling or other treatment for your depression as doing so could make a difference both for your mental and your reproductive health.

Addressing Lifestyle Issues May Help Resolve Male Infertility

We have discussed a variety of lifestyle issues which can make male infertility worse. Thankfully, you can see that many of these problems have relatively simple solutions.

If you use drugs or alcohol to excess, you can quit. You can also stop smoking. If you are overweight, changing your diet and working out more might help you to shed those extra pounds. Dealing with stress and depression may be more complicated, but it is not outside of your control to address these issues.

In the meantime, you can also start taking a natural supplement to support your reproductive system such as CONCEPTION MEN by Eu Natural.

It can take time to increase fertility. So be patient, give these lifestyle adjustments time to work, and try not to stress too much about conceiving. Hopefully soon, your partner will give you the announcement that you have been waiting for.