Why Men Shouldn’t Keep Quiet About Erectile Dysfunction and Hair Loss

If you are a man, chances are, you are going to suffer from one of the two, at least once in your lifetime. And while it goes without saying that our hair is the most important aspect of a man’s personality, a man’s manhood is his pride! While problems relating to both; hair loss as well as Erectile dysfunction show up mostly in the later years in life, jokes, however, begin at a very early age. And it is mostly due to these jokes and social conditioning, that men begin to fear hair loss and problems related to their manhood, long before they actually experience them.

What is the most common response?

How do your family and friends react to this problem when you share it with them? Well, in the case of hair loss, sometimes it is so evident that they start remarking you before you actually share it with them. In the case of ED, you feel embarrassed to discuss it with anyone for fear of judgment or sarcasm that you’ll be subjected to. It is no secret why most modern men are turning towards legit online pharmacies which also offer discreet and authentic consulting. 

It’s not just the receding hairlines, it is the thought of having a comb-over long before its due. It is the montage of your personality, your career, and everything that comes with it, going down the drain in your head.

What happens when you combine childhood conditioning with overlapping social attitudes and an ideal of manliness that every man must hold up to? You get a recipe for additional stress and anxiety, which by the way happen to be the leading causes of these problems in the first place.

Imagine the game of snake in old phones where the snake grew by each dot that it ‘ate’, we are consistently feeding the snake of anxiety and depression within us each time we ‘eat’ another negative remark that validates this point of view of guilt and shame.

What to do about it?

Depending on the severity of the issue, consult with a professional first and foremost. Thankfully, these days you don’t even have to step outside the door. Many legit online clinics for men are out there. Just make sure you go for someone authentic like Numan and not fall for social media ads of random stores that offer amazing discounts for questionable pills and overnight results.

Understand your issues, deeply

Educate yourself about the problem. Half of the confidence is regained when you know well what you are dealing with. The other half is having proper help to deal with it. So, make sure that your immediate social circle is supportive and the help you are getting is professional. This will help in not just resolving the issue physically, but also dealing with the mental aspects of it and gaining the confidence to deal with, like a man!