TRT in Los Angeles

Testosterone, in the public eyes, has long ceased to be just a hormone. . Hormones, more specifically testosteronem does not determine social differences, but it does affect health. With age, its production in the body naturally decreases. In such cases, substitution therapy under strict medical supervision is warranted. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in Los Angeles provides services that can be obtained at a special clinic with professional doctors and the necessary equipment for preliminary diagnostics.

Why Should I Visit a Doctor Before Therapy Starts?

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) helps to solve a whole range of problems:

  • Eliminate or reduce the symptoms of vascular dystonia
  • Reduce the symptoms of age-related androgen deficiency, i.e. increase libido and potency
  • Return sexual satisfaction
  • Treat mental disorders, including depression
  • Increase bone density and muscle mass
  • Increase the level of hemoglobin 

In fact, TRT is carried out not only to treat individual health problems but also to objectively improve the overall quality of life. All this becomes possible provided that the normal level of testosterone concentration in the blood (10–35 nmol/l) is reached.


Contraindications in the case of TRT are determined individually based on a detailed medical examination. Most often, therapy is not performed if the patient has oncology, arrhythmia, renal failure, and other diseases incompatible with TRT.

Can I Start Substitution Therapy Myself?

Researches have shown that about 4% of US residents over the age of 30 have tried testosterone replacement without first consulting a doctor. Some of them noted positive changes. For others, the drug was advised by sports trainers. The problem is that therapy initially does bring results, but uncontrolled infatuation with this method of treatment is fraught with many health problems.

Testosterone replacement is justified if recommended by a urologist. If you feel that your health problems are related to hormonal imbalance, come to the Los Angeles testosterone replacement clinic. Here, you can begin to take treatment after a previously collected history:

  • The doctor prescribes diagnostic tests to exclude the presence of diseases incompatible with therapy
  • Liquid phase chromatography or mass spectrometry is mandatory to determine the current testosterone level in the blood plasma
  • The doctor looks at the list of previous illnesses and previous drug reactions

This approach helps to reduce the risks associated with testosterone replacement and ensures that you receive the correct dosage of the medication. The physicians also determine the most appropriate form of medication (injections, tablets, patches, gels) and also build a treatment regimen that will help to refuse therapy at the right time, without suffering from withdrawal symptoms.