Treating Nutritional Deficiencies with Hemp Oil for Pets

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Does your pet get all its nutritional intake? How would you know if it is short of nutrients? And when you do find out, how do you intend to meet these shortfalls?

There are many products out there offering supplements for your pet. While some are organic, some others are synthetic. Hemp oil is one option of organic supplements which you can take advantage of. As shown here, it boasts of a nutritional value that includes many nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.

How to know if your Pet is in Need of Dietary Supplements

Actually, some of the health disorders you may have noticed in these animals might just be caused by a lack of certain nutrients and can therefore be corrected by dealing with the deficiency of those nutrients. There are certain signs that can indicate that what your pet is going through is the result of a nutrient deficiency.

Tracing Symptoms to Deficiencies

Is it suffering from anemia? Is weakness evident? Has it become vulnerable to sickness and stress? We are likely dealing with an iron deficiency. Iron is one of the chief agents in the formation of blood cells and hemoglobin. The implication is that a shortage of iron would mean a reduced amount of blood and this comes with all the symptoms of anemia, susceptibility to illnesses being one of them.

On the other side, a shortage of hemoglobin which carries oxygen would result weakness in your animal. Hemp oil, which is rich in iron, promises to be an antidote to this deficiency. Placing your dog, cat, etc. on it will guarantee it receives a good supply of iron.

Have you noticed some stiffness or a seeming uncoordinated movement with your furry companion? Have you observed that its bones seem to be getting brittle and there seems to be muscle twitching every now and then, possibly accompanied with itching? All these are classical symptoms of a deficiency in calcium. 

The good news is that calcium is one of the principal nutrients found in hemp oil. Giving your dog or cat this oil is one way to cure it from the symptoms of this deficiency. This happens to be another reason why you should have your pet taking hemp oil. When you begin doing so, you will realize that you have placed it on the part of wholeness with regards to the heart, metabolism, teeth and bone health, good vision, muscle function, blood clotting and milk production. The value of this oil cannot be overstated!

A Natural Nutritional Supplement

You should appreciate that all these benefits come natural. Being a product of the marijuana plant, hemp oil is a herbal intervention that leaves your pet in better health. Its nutritional pack makes it a wise addition to the diet of your pet. What it may not get in nutrients from its regular diet, hemp oil can largely make up for.

You can learn more about its value here:

Omega Fatty Acids

The presence of omega 3 helps the kidney function of your pet; it equally helps with its cognitive functions. If your pet has issues with any or more of these; lymphoma, arthritis and heart disease, hemp oil can help correct it because of its omega 3 fatty acids content. These same fatty acids can help it cope with allergies.

Omega 6 acids, on their own, will aid its immune system. It will also help its coat and skin. With a better skin and coat, the added calories it gives will surely make your pet look healthy and beautiful. This is to say therefore that giving your pet hemp oil will leave it with a greater attractive look.


When your dog or cat begins to have issues like bloating, it may be suffering from a deficiency in sodium. If your pet therefore shows such symptoms of bloating, excess urination, dry mucous membrane, or any of the classical signs of a sodium deficiency, by giving it hemp oil, you can eradicate these symptoms.


Persistent diarrhea, weight problems, over reacting immune system, seizures and a few others are classical symptoms of zinc deficiency. This deficiency at times could lead to a fatality when it degenerates to organ issues like heart, liver or kidney failures. Once again, hemp oil proves very useful because of its rich zinc content.

A Growing Demand to Fill Nutritional Gaps

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You would have noticed that the benefits of this marijuana extract is largely nutritional. Unlike its counterparts from the same plant, CBD and THC which have different effects on users, hemp oil is used mainly for its nutritional value. Whereas CBD is sought medicinally and THC produces a ‘high’ effect for those who use it, hemp oil is there to provide nutritional benefits. Because it is not consumed as a main meal, it plays a supplementary role in nutritional options.

Pet parents are increasingly turning to this product to bridge the nutritional gaps of their furred family members. It is a very useful product, especially when it is as authentic as those that are offered by pethempcompany.


Your CBD, from all we have seen, is not an alternative to your hemp oil. While you give your pet CBD oil, you can boost its wellbeing further with hemp oil. Considering all the benefits that we have seen come from hemp oil, and you can be well assured that these are not all, there should actually be no reason why your pet is not on hemp oil.