How to Know if a Husky is Right For You

In some cases, the answer to a problem lies from the perspective you tackle such a problem. It is no different in contemplating if a husky is the right dog breed for you as the real question should be: are you right for a husky?

Siberian Huskies make for unique pets. They are very energetic, strong-willed, persevering, and intelligent dogs. However, only a handful among the population of dog owners really knows the trick to grooming one as a pet. 

Let’s consider a few facts to enlighten you on having a husky as a pet dog

Time and Attention

This beautiful Siberian hair shedding breed is an agile, energetic creature. Hence, they demand from their owners a lot of attention and exercise. One major fact to consider before taking in a husky is the time to provide it with the right amount of exercise and stimulus to keep him healthy and happy. If you can’t provide your husky with the adequate exercise needed, then you are not fit to have one for a pet.


This is one factor many dog owners tend to overlook, but it is an important fact to consider before bringing home a husky. Husky love cold atmospheric weather conditions. If you live in a region with a warm climate or you can’t handle cold weather, you may want to settle for a less arctic pet. Winter is an ideal weather condition for a husky.


As with the rules of the jungle, you will need to set an authoritative boundary with your husky. It has to recognize you and any other person living with you, including children, as an authoritative figure over it. It may feel weird thinking, “why would I have to prove I’m the boss to my dog?” It may surprise you to know that husky are quite talented in the art of stubbornness and will no doubt challenge your leadership over it. It will attempt to disobey orders and commands and create a fuss when you instruct it to do otherwise.

If this attitude is left unchecked and becomes a norm, it is likely to develop an ardent territorial instinct over your household, and this can pose a serious problem, especially if you have children living with you.

Living Space

There is a common misconception that you need to live in a spacious home or environment to house a husky due to its roaming and inquisitive nature. While there’s a degree of truth to that, the reality is far from that. It’s only an underexercise husky that will tear up your home apart with wild runs. If you regularly exercise your husky, you can still keep one even if you live in a caged apartment.


You may have heard huskies are really good escape-artist. They’d give Micheal Scofield a run for his money. The root cause for your husky frequently trying to escape or digging holes in your living room stem from the fact it is bored. They quickly get bored. Hence, you have to find a way to keep it company. Some are good to go with a few toys; others will need you playing with them. However, if you really do exercise your husky regularly, that can cut down the escaping genre or ideas.

Is a Husky Right For You?

The major point or highlight of this article is to understand that while husky might be a little difficult and different to handle than other dog breeds, they indeed can be tamed and trained.

If you’ve gone through this article and feel like you may not be able to meet with the task or responsibility of owning a husky, but yet you’d wish to have one, there are other dog breeds that look like the husky. On the other hand, having gone through this article and you can tick a check to meeting up with every point listed above, then what are you waiting for? Get that Siberian breed as your new getaway companion.