Sexual Dissatisfaction in a Relationship: What Can You Do?

Sex plays a vitally important role in a relationship, it’s a fact proven by many studies, states Therefore, any problems in this area translate into relationship problems and often become a cause for breakups.

However, this isn’t an inevitable conclusion. Many couples can resolve these problems through good communication and, if necessary, medical help. Understanding what the problem is exactly is the first step to solving it.

Most Common Sexual Problems in a Relationship + Fixes

  • Quiet resentment over personal dissatisfaction

The most common problem couples have with sex is, unsurprisingly, not talking about the problems they have with sex. Simply put, if one of the partners is dissatisfied and keeps it a secret, the relationship has a very small chance of survival. That’s because this dissatisfaction will grow into resentment, which will steadily penetrate all areas of the relationship and poison it.

The solution is to talk.

Simple as that, you need to talk to your partner if you aren’t happy with either frequency or “content” of your sexual life. It’s not an easy conversation, so you might take some tips from

  • Physiological and psychological conditions

Another common source of sex problems in a relationship is health issues of either or both of the partners. These can range from medical conditions, like erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness, to physiological issues like deformities or scars, to psychological issues, like PTSD.

If this is the case, you should start fixing your relationship with a doctor’s visit.

But this might not be an easy solution, because many of such issues do not have effective medical treatments. Therefore, you should also study additional information sources to learn about alternative solutions.

For example, you can learn a lot about vaginal dryness treatments from the website. A detailed breakdown of erectile dysfunction is available at Even problems like small penis have dedicated resources with helpful information, like the website And information on sex after psychological trauma is available at

The number of resources is infinite, so you should take some time to research the issue from every angle. And remember, there is a solution for everything, you just need to find it. Also, keep in mind the point above and talk to your partner about any problems you might experience. It will be much easier and more effective to search for treatments together. Consulting a sex therapist in the meantime might also help keep your relationship strong in the face of such problems.

  • Boredom and laziness

One of the most common problems that kill off sexual relationships is loosely labeled as “the lack of spark”. What it means is that partners become lazy and/or bored with each other. Quite often, they might switch to trying to find that “spark” with someone else, thus resulting in infidelity, broken families, and a lot of personal drama.

However, there is nothing stopping you from rediscovering that spark with your current partner. The easiest way to do this is through experimentation. Try something new and don’t be embarrassed to search for inspiration in porn.

Talk to your partner about their fantasies and if you both agree, you might try studying new techniques together, such as bondage or tantric sex. The Internet will provide lots of information on any subject that might interest you.

But the most important thing in this is consent!

Never try anything risqué without explicit consent from your partner. That’s exactly why you should be looking into those things together instead of one of you taking the initiative. Never forget that communication is the real secret of any happy relationship. Therefore, trying to solve any problem in your sex life should always start with talking.