Is It Too Soon in Your Relationship to Travel?

You think you’ve met that special someone and all signs indicate that you’re headed toward a long-term relationship. Of course, you both probably recognize you’re still on your best behavior, and the realities of the daily grind have yet to breach the aura of bliss that envelopes you whenever you’re together. While most couples at this stage may start to contemplate the possibility of moving in together, and are more or less aware of how the dynamic will shift in the relationship, what many overlook is the impact of traveling together too early in the game.

What could be more relaxing or romantic than a holiday for two? In theory, a vacation getaway should be another opportunity to bask in each other’s company, leaving the stress of work and the day-to-day tasks behind. However, that’s a naive perspective when you consider all the variables involved in travel, especially in this day and age. No matter how seasoned a traveler you believe you are, your travel partner will add a new dimension you may not have experienced on prior excursions. Even if your partner claims to be bitten by the travel bug as well, there’s no guarantee that it will translate into the ideal travel companionship.

Ironically, traveling tends to be one of the top interests on most dating websites like, and one of the most appealing. But then, nothing quite manages to evoke the raw emotion and true temperament of individuals like the trials and tribulations of travel. While travel may open doors to the beauty and richness of different regions and cultures, it’s rife with challenges.


There are several key drivers of stress, most of which you can’t control.  While there are certain actions you can take to potentially minimize some of the impacts, for the most part, you’re handing over the reins. If your trip involves an airport, brace yourself for long lines at security and potential flight delays or cancellations. Give yourself plenty of time to pad your schedule, so you don’t feel anxious or rushed. Do what you can to make the process go smoothly by paying attention to what you pack in your carry-on and following the posted instructions before you pass through the metal detectors. It’s better to have to wait at the gate than race through the crowds to board your plane before the door closes.


Chances are you aren’t entirely familiar with your destination and have to rely on alternate modes of transportation. Don’t wait until you arrive to decide how to leave the airport. If you’re renting a car, you likely made arrangements in advance. However, don’t automatically assume there are taxis, ride-sharing apps, or hotel shuttles that can reliably convey you. If public transportation is the only option, you should be aware beforehand and not worry about figuring out the logistics after an exhausting flight. 


There are so many alternatives today when deciding where to stay. Every option comes with its own set of pros and cons relating to location, customer service, and so forth. While websites may guarantee a great stay, they can’t account for every eventuality. There’s no way to predict whether you’ll encounter faulty fixtures, mediocre food, or unpleasant neighbors. Due diligence on the front end should flesh out if any of these issues are commonplace at the venues you’re considering, but your accommodations are still a relatively unknown prospect.

It’s no wonder that people often come back from a holiday joking that they need a vacation from their vacation. There’s no arguing that travel enriches our lives and facilitates the much-needed leisure time that most people lack in their busy schedules. However, travel can also try your patience and expose the cracks in your carefully constructed veneer. You discover quite a bit about yourself as well as the nature of your traveling companions when you’re faced with a barrage of obstacles in unfamiliar surroundings. If it’s early in the relationship, you may want to test the waters by limiting any travel to short, local excursions that can easily be reached by car. The focus will be on enhancing your relationship and learning more about each other, rather than overcoming multiple complications.