How Your Sex Life Changes after Being Diagnosed with HIV

Receiving the news from your doctor that you are HIV-positive is probably one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. Just ask anyone from the HIV dating community. When that happens, you start regretting every choice you ever made and don’t know how to tell this dreadful news to your parents and your closest friends. These things are difficult to deal with, but they pass during the first few months after receiving the diagnosis. The thing that doesn’t go away, however, is the fact that your sex and dating life have changed. Does this mean that HIV-positive people can’t have a successful love life? Of course, not! However, you will have to get used to some big changes in these aspects of your life and that won’t be simple. With that in mind, we discuss how your sex life will change after being diagnosed with HIV.

You Probably Won’t Consider Having Sex For A While

When people find out that they have HIV, they usually decide to leave the dating scene for a while. They do this so they could figure out their feelings and spend time with their family. They also do this because they understand how dangerous the virus is and are simply not in the mood for sex in the first few months. So, if you feel the same way, you have to know that this is normal. If you notice that you have no sexual urges, even when someone is trying to seduce you, don’t worry, you won’t feel that way forever. After about five months, you will be ready to date and have sex again. However, not everyone is the same. If you feel like you should take the whole year off, by all means, take it. You shouldn’t get back to dating until you are emotionally ready to do so.

People Will Want To Date You, But They Won’t Have Sex With You

Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t apply to all people out there. However, a lot of them will reject you simply because you have HIV. Some of them, on the other hand, will date you for a time, but when you try to seduce them and have sex with them, they won’t get into bed with you. Even though they know everything there is about protection, they will still worry about getting the virus. This will hurt more than some rejections because you can’t blame them for not risking their health.

You Won’t Be Able To Relax During Sex

One of the worst things about having sex when you are HIV-positive is the fact that you sometimes can’t relax while being in bed with someone you like. It doesn’t matter how good it feels, or how horny you are; you will still be nervous because you know there is a possibility for you to transmit him or her the virus. Having sex with someone when you have HIV is a big responsibility and that can sometimes prevent you from enjoying it.

Your Lover Won’t Be Able To Relax In Bed

We said that some people will reject you simply because you have HIV and some of them won’t risk their health by getting in the bed with you. A lot of them will want to have sex with you, of course, but sadly, they won’t be able to relax. They will check the condom after every few thrusts, just to make sure it didn’t break. This can be very unpleasant, but you can’t blame them for being careful.

Don’t Give Up

All of this seems pretty bad but it’s important that you don’t give up on dating and your sex life. It is possible for an HIV-positive person to have a successful sex life. The perfect lover will show up, you just have to keep looking.