Sex & Good Health: A Complete Guide to It

Sex is something that pretty much every adult has in their life at some point anyway. It is a source of joy and happiness, excitement and fulfillment and also, without it, we wouldn’t have a family. There are often some aspects of your sex life that can impact your health in both positive and negative ways and it’s important to be aware of these and what can be done to sort problems or to increase and nurture the positive aspects of your sex life. There’s a lot to cover on this subject and some of it may be fairly common sense to you and other parts not so much. So it’s good to put it all together in a nice, concise guide such as this one. 

Don’t be Too Acrobatic

Sometimes it’s good to be adventurous and at other times it can be an issue. Sex can be as adventurous as you would like it to be but it’s often not thought about that sexual injuries can occur. There is a whole load of injuries that can impact on your enjoyment. After all, it is a physical activity, and you can pull or strain something just as much as you can engaging in any activity. Now we’re not suggesting that you do a full stretching routine and warm-up but it is important to be aware of your physical condition and any limitations you might have. If you are older or have previous injuries then it’s a good idea to discuss these with your partner to be able to work around them. Other than injuries it’s important to be aware of general fitness and if you have a respiratory system problem such as asthma or a cardiovascular issue like angina then it’s important to take it easy and not aggravate them

Health Benefits of Sex

As we’ve previously mentioned sex is a physical activity and as such, it is going to be good for you. Any physical activity that raises the heart rate cannot be a bad thing, It also makes you feel good, otherwise, we wouldn’t do it as often as we do. Sexual activity releases a whole series of chemical s and endorphins in the brain, including dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin, and serotonin. These are all important in feeling good, happy and euphoric. It also is extremely important in maintaining a healthy, emotional relationship, it makes you and your partner feel closer together and prevents you from drifting apart. Even aspects of sex that we might think are purely just for pleasure can have unexpected health benefits, if you see this article about prostate milking you can see that other than pleasure you can see it can be a treatment for Prostatitis and can reduce fluid blockages and improve urine flow.

Psychology of Sex

Sex makes us feel good about ourselves, we have already talked about how it can be beneficial in your relationship, it can make us feel high and excited so it’s a beneficial thing. But if we are not getting sex then it can make us feel less worthy as a human being, unwanted and unloved. But the reverse is true when we are doing well and having regular sex, it gives us confidence and we carry ourselves in a less stressed and easier manner.

A Helping Hand

Human beings are made for sex, it’s our biological purpose to reproduce in our image. But sometimes it’s fun to introduce a little helping hand to increase the excitement and titillation in your love-making. Many couples use sex toys, costumes and playful aides to increase the fun and games in the bedroom. It can be anything from handcuffs for a little light bondage or paddles or whips if you’re into that. Vibrators and dildos can be used vaginally for women and anally for anyone to give a bit more excitement into proceedings. Also watching a bit of adult entertainment can always help out and give some stimulation and new ideas to the two of you. 

Birth Control, Contraception & Family Planning 

Having a family is a wonderful, if very tiring, adventure and if you ask any parent it’s not often you’ll hear them regret having kids. But if you have them under the wrong circumstances it can be a very difficult situation and we would do better to plan to have any children in the time-frame we decide and not leave it to chance. What contraception you use can vary depending on you and your situation. If you are having casual relationships you may want to carry condoms as even if you are on other forms of birth control it can help give some peace of mind against diseases as well. Other forms of contraception can be things like the contraceptive pill which is great, but many women suffer from side-effects when using hormone-based birth control, such as weight gain, depression, and even suicidal thoughts, so if you find any of this happening please consult a doctor immediately. 

Sex & Sexual Health as we Age

Sex can be great at any age, although there are specific considerations that are more appropriate as we get older. Women have the menopause to contend with and it can change your libido and desires as well your general health and this is going to be a difficult problem to navigate through with your partner if they are not going through the same thing. But men can also have issues and erectile dysfunction is more likely to happen with age and it’s just as frustrating and embarrassing when it happens this way round.

Dealing With STD Problems
We’ve already discussed contraception and it’s good to remember that other than condoms most methods of contraception do not guard against contracting an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) so it’s good to be careful. We’re not going to have room here to go into all the different types of infection you can get but there is a good guide to be found here on the subject. But if you do find yourself being the unwanted recipient of this little gift then it’s important to seek treatment immediately, stop sexual activity with random partners and inform your partner or recent partners so that they may be checked out as well.