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Machine for rowing: Can it Help With Weight Loss?

If you’ve been looking for a way to lose weight that involves cardiovascular exercise and involves all major muscle groups, look no further than a machine for rowing.  At home, rowing machines offer a great way to lose weight in the comfort of your own home in as little as thirty minutes a day.  With the right machine for rowing and the best programming, you can achieve your weight loss goals, increase your energy levels, boost your mood, and be a part of something enjoyable and rewarding.  But how can an at home rower help you with your weight loss goals?  Here are five ways you can use an ergometer (an indoor rowing machine) to meet your weight loss goals. 

  • Rowing provides cardiovascular exercise.  There are two key components to exercise for weight loss purposes; building muscle, and cardiovascular exercise.  An indoor machine for rowing can provide both of these components at once, making rowing for weight loss a time and energy saving option.  It is important to get at least thirty minutes of heart pumping exercise at least five times a week to protect your heart and to encourage weight loss.  Performing cardiovascular exercise is important for creating a calorie deficit, which equates to weight loss. 
  • Rowing is a total body muscle building workout.  In addition to providing a cardiovascular workout, rowing also provides a total body muscle building workout.  The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn around the clock.  That’s why building muscle is so important for a complete weight loss program.  With an indoor rowing machine, you will use all major muscle groups during your exercise.  Legs, chest, back, arms, and core are all engaged during a rowing session.  As such, your potential for muscle growth is much higher than with any other form of cardiovascular exercise.  
  • Rowing is effective for everyone.  One of the best features of rowing is that it is an exercise practically anyone can perform.  Because of its low impact nature, persons with joint issues are not excluded.  Many users also love indoor rowing machines because they can get in a great cardio workout without experiencing pain like they would normally experience during other activities such as swimming or running. Additionally, most rowers are tested up to about 375 pounds, meaning anyone of any size can begin a rowing program.  It should be noted that most rowers are not tested for users under the age of thirteen.  As such, it is not recommended that children under this age use a machine for rowing.  
  • Rowing programming targets weight loss.  It’s important to make sure the rowing programming you are using is formatted specifically for weight loss.  Great rowing programming comes in many forms, and being able to select plans that are specifically designed and formatted for weight loss can help ensure that time spent on your rower is used specifically for the purpose of losing the most weight possible in the shortest amount of time.  Many programs will offer workouts that incorporate interval training.  Interval training has been shown to increase weight loss and is also healthier for your heart and lungs.  
  • Rowing at home saves time.  You can always spend hours at the gym working on your fitness goals, but most of us don’t have that extra time to spare.  Simply getting to and from the gym can add an extra two hours to your day, depending on where you live.  Add to that the time it takes to shower and prepare for the remainder of your day and you could find yourself easily spending three to four hours on your weight loss routine.  With an at-home machine for rowing, you have your weight loss tool right at your fingertips.  If your routine incorporates even forty-five minutes of rowing per day you are still saving valuable travel time by having your machine in your own home. 

Rowing is an excellent way to assist with weight loss.  Providing cardiovascular activity and muscle strengthening exercise in one, rowing delivers a double hit of fat-burning activity.  Having an at-home machine for rowing can assist you with weight loss and saves you time and money.