Chiropractic -An Alternative Medication for those Severe Sports Injuries

Lots of people have taken to sports in so many ways. However, injuries are  not absent in such scenarios as much as many people try to avoid that from happening. While sports injuries are easily restricted through some form of prevention, healing sports injury in the right way can help an individual to recuperate faster. Chiropractic treatment is offered to those suffering from sports injuries to hasten the process of recovery at the same time providing some comfort and minimizing pain. These injuries are known to be debilitating and life altering and chiropractics focus on effective pain management at the same time providing better rehabilitation for the injury.

Sprains and Strains

Chiropractic as an alternative medication to sports injuries helps a lot in the area of sprains and strains. The bones sometimes fracture with intense sports injuries, especially the ligaments, tendons and muscles. Ligaments are the ones that attach bones while muscles and bones are attached together by tendons. Over-extension or intense twisting joints lead to tears of tendons and muscles known commonly as strains, with ligament tears ending up in a sprain. Such injuries can either be severe or just mild. Mild injuries have a few fibers stretched or torn while severe injuries have tears across the whole structure and unstable, in most cases requiring some intervention through surgery. A ligament found between the spine’s vertebrae known as intervertbral disc, which operates as a very important shock absorber could also be torn apart leading to herniation or disc bulge.

Ankle sprains see tears of the ligaments on the outer part of the ankle. Other tears can take place around knee ligaments such as the larger part of the supportive ligaments including the stabilizing ligaments on the inside, though smaller.


Too much training leads to overuse of certain joints across the body ending up in dysfunction and pain. Such injuries are referred to as overuse syndromes the common one being tendinitis or tendinosis. In tendinitis, there is inflammation of the tendon due to too much use. The rotator cuff in the shoulder, which is a complex type of muscle stabilizing and moving the shoulder ending up very inflamed and the result is a rotator tendinitis of the cuff. Another variation includes tennis elbow occurring on the outer part of the elbow that many tennis players face. Golfer’s elbow is also common and takes place once the tendons in the internal part of the elbow are strained.

Stress Fractures

A number of athletes could also experience what is known as fatigue fracture or commonly as a stress fracture. In this fracture, lots of stress is applied to a typical bone more than normal, for instance once a runner has rapidly increased his mileage during race training or those individuals who start running for exercise purposes but end up overdoing it right from the beginning as compared to a consistent progress until one can manage long distances.

Why See Sports Chiropractors

Today, you can find sports chiropractors who specialize in chiropractic focusing on the alternative treatment of severe to mild sports injuries including other athlete issues or the problems the occasional fitness enthusiast face. You will find sports chiropractors focusing heavily on preventative methods to keep muscles and bones from injury, especially in the case of repetitive movements engaged in many types of sports.

In addition, sports chiropractors go through a lot of education to develop their skills important in optimizing muscular and skeletal systems in the body, so that they can be as efficient as possible. This way, the risk of repeated sprains and injuries is reduced at the same time treating any injury already sustained.

This is why so many professional athletes and sports teams have sports chiropractors in their medical staff to attend to the various physical needs of athletes and players. The service is also highly in use by weekend sports enthusiasts and consistent fitness inclined individuals who might have endangered themselves through too much strain on their muscles and bones.

One such renowned chiropractor is Dr. Dusting Young a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner from Texas A & M University. Connect with Dustin on Facebook