Choosing the Right Dentist – 3 Top Tips

When was the last time you scheduled an appointment to see the dentist? Do you think you are good for another couple of years just because you aren’t in pain? You might want to rethink that strategy.

According to Lane Family Dental “Too many people make the mistake of waiting to visit a dentist until their tooth hurts. You might also believe that if there’s nothing bothering you, then there’s no point in making a dental appointment.”

Going in for a cleaning can help you stay on top of your dental care. Your dental practitioner will be able to spot and take care of early signs of cavities. As well as caution you about best dental care practices to adopt for your case.

Additionally, advances in the dental industry are being developed at a quick pace. And restructuring to your teeth that may not have been possible before, might now be an option. Which you will only be aware of if you have been going for regular checkups.

So how does a person choose a dentist that is right for you? Here are the 3 top tips that will help you narrow your search.

  1. Get a recommendation.

When looking for dental care that you can trust, first ask around. Where do your parents get their teeth cleaned? Or your friends? Or your coworkers? Do they feel comfortable with their dentist? Has he or she provided consistently good work? Are they able to take care of common dental problems? Or at the very least take care of an issue that you know you have difficulty with? There is a reason most people today do not complete a purchase until reading the satisfied customers’ reviews. We trust word-of-mouth reviews and comments to tell us if someone in a similar situation found a certain product or service a good experience.

If none of your trusted circle of friends and family can recommend someone, then broaden your search. But always check out reviews from patients so that you can have confidence your experience will be a good one.

  1. Find someone within your area.

Got a good recommendation? But perhaps the dental office is located too far from your current residence? You might want to pass. If the location is too much out of your way, chances are high you might skip in favor of doing something easier with your non-work hours.

But if the dental location is right around the corner from your work, or right next to your gym, you have a better chance of keeping that appointment. Not to mention, dental emergencies don’t happen on a schedule. Getting a tooth knocked out, or having a piercing toothache will typically happen at the most inconvenient time. So, you will want the office you choose to be within an easily accessible distance.

  1. Meet and keep your options open.

General wisdom suggests that you meet your dentist once and get a feel for how he or she is in the office. And how he or she treats patients. Ask for a consultation to see how he or she recommends treating your case. Or, if you have no pressing dental needs, simply discuss your past dental history and see what course of care they recommend. As you converse with your possible future dentist, consider the following:

  • Do I feel comfortable in his or her presence?
  • Does the dentist explain things well and makes sure I understand what my options are?
  • Do I feel pressured in anyway?
  • Does the dentist make sure I feel in control of my treatment options?
  • Is he or she a specialist at providing dental exams for children?

On a more practical level, check that the dental office you choose coincides with your health insurance plan. (If your health insurance plan covers dental care.) Determine that their office hours are open at a time when you will be able to get away from work or the house. And learn how they handle emergency situations.

And just because you visited once does not mean you are committed for life. If, after a session, you do not feel comfortable, start your search once again. This time for a better fit. You want a dentist who will be a long-term partner in your dental care plan. And finding a person who checks all the boxes might take a while. But it will be well worth the effort once a good relationship is found and established.