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Combining a Ketogenic Diet with Biohacking Techniques

Thanks to the boundless flow of information from the Internet, your brain is probably filled with ‘life hacks’ that make your life easier and well, better.

Now, you can tackle the nearly impossible feat of folding a fitted sheet. You know how to organize all of those loose cables, how to create space in your cluttered kitchen, and how to bake your favorite chocolate chip cookies to perfection. You might even know how to DIY your own furniture or clothing using simple items you already have lying around. But did you know that you can DIY your own biology as well?

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is the new buzzword in the health and wellness space. Essentially, it refers to the process of experimenting with healthy lifestyle practices in order to maximize one’s health from the inside out. Biohacking aims to release toxins, enhance energy, mood, sleep, and how we, as individuals feel in our day-to-day life. Think meditation, vitamins, mindful breathing, and reduced screen time.

Some techniques can be a little out there, though. For instance, you may have heard about putting butter in your coffee to burn fat and energize your morning brew. You may have also heard about Cryotherapy, a practice that exposes the body to freezing or near-freezing temperatures in order to treat muscle pain and other conditions.

But for practicing physician, John Limansky, MD, Biohacking can be much simpler and a lot less intimidating than this.  He says, “By taking simple steps such as modifying diet, exercising, incorporating stress reduction, improving sleep and focusing on meditation among other techniques, many of the diseases afflicting our society may be reversed.”

On a mission to fill the gaps in modern healthcare and to educate the public on healthy lifestyle changes, Dr. Limansky and his team established a free platform called BiohackMD. The platform is dedicated to providing valuable information that is research-based and processed by a credible physician. It also includes a trove of articles, videos, recipes, and products vetted by the team to augment a biohacking lifestyle.

Incorporating a Low Carb Diet

What’s unique about Dr. Limansky’s platform is its twofold approach to personal health. Not only does Biohack MD provide biohacking tips and tricks, but it also incorporates tools for a low carb diet to extend those benefits even further. The Ketogenic diet is the high fat, low carb diet that has become increasingly popular over the years. Crowned the “The Keto Doctor”, Dr. Limansky coaches performance athletes and beginners on the diet to create safe, effective, and positive results.

“The ketogenic diet has gained in popularity for the simple reason that it works. It is a pathway to eating real non-processed foods in the right ratio. This method will promote loss of fat, not loss of weight, which can be water and muscle mass. There are no gimmicks with this way of eating, no fancy shakes nor crazy cleanses. It’s a way to optimize our cells by decreasing the constant influx of glucose and fructose found in many of the commonly eaten processed foods products.” He continues, “By incorporating a ketogenic diet, we are able to gain control over our insulin levels, improve hormone levels, lose fat while gaining control over our hunger signals. A ketogenic diet enables us to relearn what it means to be hungry instead of simply craving foods.”

The Building Blocks of Health

The Ketogenic diet is one of the oldest diets in terms of research. It was initially tested for epilepsy and has been highly researched in recent years as a treatment for diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, cancer, epilepsy, and autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. The Keto diet encourages us to transition away from the Western diet of carbohydrates and processed food products, to a regimen of whole, natural foods. This can certainly be a difficult transition for some. And there is a common misconception that the Keto diet is a free pass for consuming bacon, butter, and other harmful foods at every meal. For this reason, it becomes so important to receive the right guidance along the way.

The Keto diet is ultimately a lifestyle choice. Like any lifestyle choice, it involves a conscious understanding of your unique makeup to discover the best results. Combing the ketogenic diet with biohacking techniques, you may find more and more opportunities to take control of your health, empowering the mind, the body, and the soul’s ongoing journey to personal fulfillment.