Coping with a Disability in the 21st Century


It’s never easy coping with a disability. Once you get past the initial shock and pain of having a disability in the first place, you have to learn how to cope with it and continue living your life to the fullest. Luckily, in this day and age it’s actually easier to handle daily life with a disability. That’s simply due to all the enhanced technology, laws and benefits which disabled individuals are privy to. There are countless ways which society seeks to enhance the lives of those who are suffering with debilitating diseases and injuries. It really says something for our current state of mind that we have facilities like this in place.

Helping others and yourself is what will improve your quality of living, and with recent technology it’s never been easier to help yourself. It’s vital that you allow others to help you and share in your life, but even more critical that you have enough faith in your abilities that you can perform everyday tasks, like shopping, on your own. There are several ways you can achieve independence and live your life the way you want to and with minimal discomfort.

Mental Independence

There is no real freedom without freedom of the mind. You’re only as trapped and disabled as you believe you are. With the advent of online shopping stores like Amazon Fresh or even Disabled Online, it’s simple to get groceries and other vital items delivered right to your door. This totally cuts out any awkward encounters with people who don’t quite know how to deal with someone who has a disability. There’s no fuss, like reaching for products, asking for help or standing in long queues, and it cuts your reliance on family members or friends down to a minimum.

There’s also a host of online aids for the disabled, with everything from books to DVDs, to helpful accessories which can be bought and delivered. It’s also easy to set up appointments from home, either by phone or email, with doctors, dentists, and any other service based industry provider. This cuts out frustrating waiting times in a doctor’s office.

Physical Independence

Modern technology has brought out everything from wheelchairs to robotic prosthetics, which can help the disabled get around. There are motorized wheelchairs for minimum effort and which require no input from another person and even specialized slings and shower chairs for easy access in bathrooms. This makes it much easier to cut down on physical dependence on other human beings and family members. Now, when you have visitors, you can focus on actually spending quality time with them, rather on needing help with things around the house.

Monetary Independence

You can never truly be free unless you experience freedom from worry. Concerns about your bank balance and how you’re going to make rent or buy groceries the next month are not things you should have to worry about when you’re already dealing with a disability. That’s why there are federal and state facilities which help those who are unable to work get benefits.

Lawyers like Loyd J. Bourgeois specialize in helping individuals with disabilities get benefits so they can enjoy a comfortable life. In order to claim, you’ll have to fill out forms, submit them, get tests done which assess the level or severity of your disability and maybe even appeal if your claim is rejected. A disability lawyer can help you tackle any hiccups you might encounter along the way during the claim and appeal process and is there to aid you in achieving that vital financial independence.

With all the options for independence in the 21st century like online shopping, prosthetics and facilities, and even the disability benefit system, it’s easier to cope with a disability and enjoy your life. Don’t let your disability hold you back!