Dating and Wellness: A New Bracket for Fun

Far from being fun or exciting, dating is often a source of stress and anxiety. It does more to increase anxiety than lessen it, notable exceptions notwithstanding.

One such exception is Bracket Dating, LLC, founded by Whitney Linscott.

Her app is a tournament-based dating resource, which is a novel – and effective – way for a person to find a date. Each day users receive an overview of 16 potential matches. After five rounds of head-to-head competition a winner will emerge. That victory unlocks the app’s chat functionality, enabling a user to talk with that special man or woman.

It is the gaming aspect of this app that deserves praise because there are plenty of studies that link this activity – that substantiate the positive power of gaming – to lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Miss Linscott says:

“Technology can increase the chance to meet new friends and initiate new relationships. For overworked employees, particularly those in a corporate environment that can be as physically demanding as it is psychologically draining, I recognize the importance of establishing (or strengthening) connections with the outside world. By making dating less intimidating, and by emphasizing the playful nature of the app itself, we bring people together with comfort and ease.”

I offer a hearty amen to that comment.

We should champion the benefits of technology and gaming –– and gaming, too. This combination is an opportunity for creativity and an invitation to escape (albeit temporarily) the workaday challenges many individuals face.