Dental tourism – why is Kraków one of its main destinations?

The tourism sector has become very specialized in recent years, dividing into niches. Medical tourism is one of the growing trends, and Kraków is one of its biggest highlights – especially in terms of dental one.

Travelling has become accessible almost to everyone in recent years. Budget airlines, tight net of flight connections, developed infrastructure, and lower prices – all of these factors have contributed to the rise of the tourism industry. It’s natural that together with its development came the specialization. In the last two or three decades, the tourism sector has been continuously dividing into niches to meet the client’s needs. Today we have adventure tourism, literature tourism, fashion tourism, nature tourism – the list is long. 

The dental tourism has joined it quite recently. As a part of a medical travelling trend, it is a type of holiday combined with visiting various medical specialists – in this case, dentists and orthodontists. Why would you mix these two things? The dental tourism is growing for three main reasons:

  • it allows saving a lot of money (depending on the country, the prices of the dental services can vary. For example, in Middle-Eastern Europe, the dental visit can cost half of what would have to be paid in western European countries);
  • it allows you to combine resting on holiday and taking care of your own health;
  • it allows choosing the best specialist as you’re not limited to the closest dental cabinets.

As you can see, dental tourism has various benefits and can become a great form of self-care that combines lowering the levels of stress through holiday and providing yourself with specialist healthcare.

Kraków – why is it a new capital of dental tourism?

Polish dentistry is recognized as highly developed in Europe, and even all over the world. That’s why it quickly has become one of the highlights of the dental tourism niche. The specialistic equipment, the accessibility of high-quality materials, and, of course, a reputation of Polish medical professionals – these are the main factors that attract dental tourists.

They tend to visit the largest cities, as they offer the most diverse range of services and competitive prices. One of them is Kraków – arguably the most beautiful Polish city which attracts millions of visitors every year. Visiting it provides a dental tourist with the opportunity to get to know one of the most significant Polish monuments and spectacular architecture as well as art. 

Article prepared in cooperation with Indexmedica – Poland dental tourism.