Benefits of Nature

There is an abundance of benefits when it comes to nature. By walking around parks, local malls, or even up and down the driveway, one is with nature. Going on hikes and trails is more ideal than walking in the yard, but anything is acceptable. Wellness and nature lovers like Helen Lee Schifter use nature to her advantage. 

With there being a constant trend of individuals spending more time on social media than in nature, it’s important to step back and regroup. People all over the world are prioritizing social media over real life. Taking a picture of nature and then posting it is not the same thing as being completely entranced by the moment.By disconnecting from a computer or phone, our brains can really relax. Nature is so beautiful and filled with endless wonders. There is so much to be thankful for and being able to prioritize time with the Earth is very beneficial to a person. As humans, we need nature to survive. With social media, come ads that convince us to purchase more. That purchase comes at a cost to the environment because not everything is recyclable. Helen Lee Schifter believes in supporting ethical and renewable companies while building relationships with nature.