Do Psychological Exercises Burn Fat? Amazing Facts & Figures

Getting into good shape has not been so easy like it is these days.

From the young to the old, it’s becoming more and more obvious that we are in desperate need for a revolutionary change in our lifestyles. Here is a thing to ‘ponder’ over; do psychological exercises burn fat? The facts below will surprise you.

Playing Sudoku, or any other Puzzle Improves Mental Faculties, and Weight Loss Process

Doing logic quizzes and puzzles that require psychological stress such as Sunday Crossword and Sudoku burn 85 calories for each and every hour spent playing on them, according to the Daily Mail.

The more complicated the game is, the better.

This is actually a disputable subject regarding fat loss because the human brain does not burn caloric molecules to discharge energy; it needs sugar and carbohydrates.

So, move ahead and see what facts are proving below.

So How Does Your Brain Burn Calories?

Here are some facts:

The human brain weighs a 1.4 kg, where it requires 20% of RMR (Resting Metabolism Rate), to provide it adequate fuel to adroitly facilitate its several tasks.

Our RMRs are not similar; age, gender, size, and general health, figure out its rate — the human brain nibbles on 0.20 calories per minute, which is roughly 11.8 calories from fat every hour, supposing that one has the normal RMR of 1,200 calories.

Dr Levitsky, a professor of psychology and nutrition Cornell University, says that “While the human body’s fat burning capacity increases when it’s subjected to a mentally-taxing exercise, the particular number of calories that it basically falls apart every day isn’t a number that a person would feel jubilant over”.

Specifically, since the calories from fat it melts away will likely be regained by a heavy meal or snack, he adds that psychological exercises that do need more stress increase burning rate of fat laden calories, but that it would not lead to metamorphic fat loss.

The human brain needs energy which it gets from chemicals (neurotransmitters) produced by nerves. Without an adequate source of energy, one feels exhaustion and languor.

The mind’s platter of food contains 75% glucose, 20% oxygen, and about 400 calories that it takes from the blood vessels. Once you snuggle up with a cup of coffee and the crossword, keep in mind that the more thinking you are going to do, the more calories you are possibly going to use up.

Any kind of strain that your mental faculties go through – playing strategic or tactical-based games or all those that make you crinkle your brow in rapt focus makes it get into energy mode because it needs more carbs and glucose in order to keep up with your excitement.

It doesn’t matter how hard you try; you can’t think yourself slim.

The fact is that you can’t think yourself a skinny gorgeous with zero size, where it’s absurd to even consider this as a technique of slimming down.

Because we’re all nescient about the formula of shedding pounds, we actually fail to give due diligence to physical exercise and healthy yet balanced eating, which are actually the requirements to a shapelier you.