Do you know why avocados help you lose weight and are so good for your health?

Moisturizing, with a great supply of Vitamin E and a green color that can make any dish attractive. For these three reasons alone, avocados should occupy a privileged place in our shopping basket. But we have many more reasons to love these single seeded berries!

Sometimes denounced for its supposed fat content, avocado has had detractors in numerous forums. Today, however, its healthy character, its vitamin E content and its ability to hydrate are already recognised. With the help of the nutritionists, we have brought together the benefits that avocado has for your health:

1. It’s good for cholesterol

Eating avocado helps to regulate triglycerides and its content in Omega 3 reduces the “bad cholesterol” of our body.

2. Awakes your senses!

Due to its high Omega-3 content, avocado benefits not only circulation, but also sight and the brain.

3. It has vitamins to give, sell and give away!

Vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12 and K. Avocado protects our immune system, improves our cognitive and nervous systems.

4. Anticarcinogen

Thanks to its vitamins, avocado is one of the perfect foods to protect against cancer cells.

5. For the memory

Avocado can be an ally and best friend of students, seniors and people with Alzheimer’s because of its monounsaturated fatty acids.

6. For moms-to-be and during breastfeeding

Eating avocado during pregnancy is giving your baby a super heart and a reinforced growth of Vitamin E during pregnancy. During breastfeeding, eating well while we have our baby breastfeeding is essential for the quality of milk, so much so that eating avocado salads we are giving our baby quality milk, rich in fiber, fatty acids, vitamins …

7. For the skin

Avocado is used in masks, creams and body moisturizers. For centuries it has been a natural product to heal scars, marks and other symptoms of exertion or dehydration.  Avocado is also used on good health products such as Purtier Placenta

8. For a perfect face

Do you want a shiny, luminous complexion? Homemade avocado masks with honey, lemon, including cucumber and olive oil… supreme hydration as if we were using the most expensive cream on the market!

9. Aphrodisiac

We cannot forget its sensual value and its power in moments of passion… the avocado is a powerful natural aphrodisiac! Its content in potassium, fiber and the richness of its seed make the blood rhythm adequate and thus the erectile function follows the natural rhythm.

10. Ideal for losing weight!

Forget the myth that avocado is fattening. It contains healthy fatty acids and by eating avocado in a controlled way we accelerate our metabolism, control the levels of fat in the blood and also feel satiated. The truth is that you should not eat too much avocado because if that happens, the effect can be reversed.