Does NeuroMD Really Work? Breaking Down the Science Behind NMES

Do you suffer from low back pain? Are you sick of taking painkillers whenever you experience a flare-up? You’re not alone. Around 619 million people worldwide share the same problem. 

You might have heard that electric stimulation is the solution, but getting your hands on a high-quality device can be challenging. NeuroMD may have the solution for you. This company created an easy-to-use device that sends electric currents to your muscles for pain relief. 

You may wonder: Does NeuroMD really work, or is it just another quack device that gets your hopes up? Keep reading to find out.

What Is NeuroMD? 

NeuroMD is a medical technology company specializing in drug-free pain treatment. Instead of just addressing symptoms, the company focuses on what causes the pain in the first place. 

In 2019, NeuroMD released its FDA-approved Corrective Therapy Device®. The device uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to help with pain relief. 

Is NeuroMD Legitimate?

Yes, the NeuroMD device received FDA approval, which is no easy task. The company had to test the product, prove that it works, and then have the proof reviewed by physicians, statisticians, pharmacologists, and chemists. 

In addition to this approval, many studies show the effectiveness of NMES treatment

What Is NMES? 

NMES uses electricity to stimulate your body’s motor nerves, forcing your muscles to contract. This stimulation can heal damaged tissues, strengthen the muscles around your spine, and reduce inflammation.

The idea is that NMES treatment repairs, retrains, and strengthens damaged muscles. 


NMES is often mistaken for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), but they are not the same. 

NMES uses electric stimulation on key muscle groups to retrain the muscles through contraction and relaxation. This process builds strength and increases blood flow to those areas, which helps with healing. Using NMES can prevent muscle atrophy, improve the range of motion around a joint, and reduce muscle spasms. 

TENS also uses electrical currents to treat pain but only penetrates deep enough to offer temporary relief. Instead of focusing on muscles, TENS stimulates your sensory nerves, stopping pain signal transmission to your brain. This treatment provides pain relief but doesn’t tend to last long once the machine is off. TENS is an interim solution and does not work long-term. 

How Does NeuroMD Work? 

NeuroMD is a small device with fan-shaped electrode gel pads attached (the pads last around 30 days, and you can buy replacements). Here are the simple steps:

  1. Ensure you charge the device.
  2. Place the pads anywhere on your body (except for your head or across your chest). 
  3. Use the included remote control feature to turn on the device and choose your desired level.

NeuroMD’s device has two levels: M1 and M2. The first is the lighter one, which helps you become accustomed to the device with only a slight degree of pain. The second level reaches deeper into the muscle and—fair warning—can feel more intense the first time you use it.

While using the NeuroMD device, your muscles will contract and relax 108 times during a single session, thanks to NMES. You can use the device multiple times daily if you like, but allow enough time between sessions for your muscles to rest. Resting your muscles after each session is critical because some people may experience headaches, dizziness, and muscle spasms using the device. 

NeuroMD Pain Relief Program

NeuroMD has a 12-week program guiding users to find pain relief and learn to use the device responsibly. 

You use NeuroMD four days during the first week. Each session should last 25 minutes on Mode 1. 

For weeks 2 through 12, use the device for six out of seven days. Like before, each session should be 25 minutes, but now you can use Mode 2 if you’re comfortable enough. 

If after 12 weeks you want to continue using NeuroMD for muscle maintenance, you should use the device four days each week on Mode 1 with 25-minute sessions. 

Get Pain Relief Today!

There’s no reason for you to suffer in pain. NeuroMD can provide pain relief anytime you need it. Best of all, the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it without worrying about wasting your money. If you’re concerned about your budget, NeuroMD often has sales, so keep a close eye on the site for promotions.