Dr. Siew Tuck Wah on non-surgical treatments for aging: Reversing the effects of aging

It is not surprising that today, almost an equal number of men are searching for answers to turn back the clock on aging when compared to women. This was not always the case and is evident of how the world and human needs are changing. Everyone now wants to have a smooth and flawless skin but how to do this as you get older? I had the opportunity to interview the press office of Dr. Siew Tuck Wah to help us understand about their response to this major trend in the world. He is the Medical Director and co-founder of Radium Medical Aesthetics.

Reality dawns for most people when they find the answer to this “There’s no such thing as aging gracefully,” as stated by Aubrey de Grey. His argument is that it is not so much a matter of wear on the body but rather due to the breaking down of the biological mechanism which involves healthy cells. Most people want the easiest possible way so it is normal to hope that skincare products will provide a quick fix. It is in fact the first stop for many hopefuls. But can this delay the process of aging which is the root cause of the issue? There is no proof that it does.

There are standard treatments everyone talks about, but this is what we know to date: The challenge with botulinum toxin is that it requires frequent repeat sessions in order to continue restoring volume loss under the skin surface. HIFU treatment on the other hand does not provide remarkable results either.

The use of Salmon DNA to reset the aging clock

The first interesting thing I learned from Dr. Siew was different than the standard options touted by clinic around the world. A bit of background on it: Already in 2010, skin elasticity was improved when medical specialists ran salmon milt on human skin. This was published by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. Other studies then confirmed that damaged skin cells can be repaired by polydeoxyribonucleotides.

Since it was found that salmon DNA is compatible with the human body, Rejuran Healer Treatment was designed.

Rejuran Healer Works as follows:

  • IT ENCOURAGES WOUND HEALING by increasing micro-circulation and stimulation of growth factors in the skin
  • IT IS ANTI-INFLAMMATORY which is achieved by targeting free radicals (main contributing factor of aging) and reducing inflammation in the skin

Additionally, the Rejuran Healer is responsible for age-reversing effects which works as follows:

  • It Increases metabolic activity of cells to regenerate key components of the skin (such as collagen) to maintain vitality
  • By stimulating DNA synthesis in the cells to regenerate new DNA
  • It also activates and provide scaffolding structure for healthy cells to grow so that it can exert its regenerative effects

Proprietary In-House Designed Treatment with Rejuran Healer

Dr. Siew designed the Total Skin Renewal Program by blending Rejuran Healer with other commonly used treatments as well as dermal filler. Apparently, this provides an effective overall anti-aging treatment that can heal most damaged skin as part of the same process. This will indeed rehydrate the skin, leading to a fuller appearance and wrinkle reduction.

According to Dr. Siew, skin renewal can be achieved as follows:

A proprietary formula that combines Rejuran Healer, with dermal filler and other conventional treatments can take care of three things: rehydration, wrinkle reduction, cellular repair of ageing. This relies on drug integration and compatibility of anti-aging agents and ultimate bioavailability. He also asserts that cases of standalone treatments typically leads to inferior results and that individual treatments can have inconsistent outcomes.

What was obvious from the discussion we had was that busy lifestyles and polluted environments were indeed contributing factors in premature aging. Dr. Siew felt that they have an approach to freeze the time and do that with minimal downtime. As this trend accelerates in our society and people seek for answers, it would be good to hear from more people like Dr. Siew.