Effective measures to combat COVID-19

Effective measures to combat COVID-19

At this time, we are ambushed by a fatal flu-like virus that damages
the sanctity of our existence. The worldwide spread of this virus frightens
mankind to its core. All over the world, everyone is trying to combat this with
full force. Though the information and understanding of this virus are minimal,
there is research going on for the vaccination as well as the structure of
damage this virus is capable of committing. As we are well aware of the
numerous affected, it is our core responsibility to get a holistic idea about
this pandemic.  

Here we are providing some of the basic understanding of this pandemic
and the ways by which we can restrain the effects of the same. Let’s dive into
the brief description of this virus:


This virus is just like the flu that has been coined as coronavirus.
Several countries are affected by this deadly virus. The 2019 Coronavirus
(COVID-19) is the virus identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory
illness first detected in Wuhan, China. The continuous risk assessment for this
pandemic is mandatory as it will help to combat this in the best possible ways.
The whole world is curiously and dedicatedly trying to find the accurate
updates and detailed information on symptoms, prevention, and spread of the virus

The following are some of the websites that provide credible knowledge
and regular updates of COVID-19. According to the CIC
panel physician
, these are the legitimate organization that is
working continuously for the betterment of the society against this pandemic.

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Australian Chief Medical Officer
  • UK government

Due to the ever-increasing circumference of effect, this is gaining
its fair share of popularity. With this popularity, the rumors and some of the
fake information are readily circulated. It is wise to take immense care while
getting into any type of news. If you are nervous about this virus, then you
are susceptible to empathy and concern. It is normal to experience these. With
the increasing negativity, you can experience some of the emotional as well as
psychological stress that can cause feelings of discomfort, impacting
concentration, productivity and even disrupting sleep patterns.

An effective way to make yourself feel better by CIC panel

  • Try to be calm and composed. With the advent of
    social media, there is a massive increase in the amplification of even a small
    issue. If you are getting information from social media then it is advisable to
    keep a safe distance from them also several organizations provide credible
    information regarding this pandemic should only be preferred.
  • Follow the dedicated prevention tips to stay
    healthy. Acquire the habit of washing your hands often. This is one of the
    effective ways to stop the spread of disease.
  • Stress and anxiety management is foremost as
    numerous people get dozed off due to the fake news and exaggerated sightings.
    There are numerous ways to prevent stress and anxiety. You should get enough
    sleep, a balanced diet, and hydration, exercise, talking about your fears with
    others, meditation, and more. Find the self-care practice that works for you.
  • There are numerous programs commenced that
    dedicatedly helps the people to provide much-needed assistance. You can get
    credible info from these programs just by one click or call.

Hold your grounds
in this time of the pandemic

It is very important
to get resilient about this pandemic as it is not going to give us much
consideration as it has already taken its toll. The people need to understand
the severity of this pandemic. With every second passing, we are on the verge
of getting affected drastically. The following are some of the psychological
steps that can be taken by every individual to provide their proper share of
power for this so-called war. Brace yourself and give keen attention to these
points by CIC panel physician:

  • It is very important to understand what’s in your
    control and what’s not. If you are just giving attention to these things that
    are not in your control then you are dedicatedly wasting your efforts. Let them
    go. Just start releasing the fear of getting into this. This will help
    positively to maintain the composure and will surely help you to be more
    intelligent emotionally and psychologically.
  • Accept the change. If the government or anyone
    doing their fair share of work against this pandemic, then accepts and helps
    them to combat these. At this time of fear, it is very important to get united.
    Being united we can make a better world that is free of this virus. Maintaining
    the social distancing dedicatedly while empathizing with each other is very

These are some of the
effective measures that can help you to combat this deadly disease. Just hold
tight and release all the fears everything is going to be fine in a while.