Exercise In a Supplement? Learn About NAD+

There’s a question people have always asked about health supplements:

Can you get a supplement that does the exercising for me?

While we’re still a long way off from this been entirely true, there is a supplement which mimics the effects of exercise called NAD+.

NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is increased when we exercise and increases when we burn energy for fuel.

Other ways you can increase NAD+ levels in your body is by fasting and restricting your calories.

Exercise and NAD+

Doctors and medical experts have prescribed exercise as an antidote for most common illnesses in today’s society.

There is another side to the NAD+ coin and it’s called NADH.

When NADH levels increase, it can be caused by a surplus of calories that the body has to burn; when you exercise, the extra calories are burned and the ratio starts to balance itself out.

One of the best forms of exercise for increasing NAD+ levels in the body is HIIT and aerobic training.

Exercise can restore NAD+ levels in older adults as levels decrease with age.

It is purported that the levels of NAD+ drop to just 1% by the age of 80 and to 50% by the age of 40.

Many people who age healthily will have a history of exercising throughout their life.

Why NAD+ Is Needed During Exercise?

During extensive exercise, your muscles require more energy (ATP) as they have enhanced demand for energy.

NAD needs to be reduced to NADH to increase energy (ATP) production and vice versa with exercise showing to increase levels of NAD in the muscles during exercise.

Exercise forces muscles to strengthen and produce more mitochondria helping your body get rid of old or damaged mitochondria too; this, in turn, makes your muscles healthier and more responsive to exercise. 

Supplement With NMN To Increase NAD+ Levels

NAD+ has a faster and stronger cousin called NMN which is more easily absorbed by the body.

NMN stands for Nicotinamide Mononucleotide and many people find that supplementing with NMN is better than supplementing with NAD+.

The price of NMN is typically higher than NAD+ due to production being more costly than NAD+.

When you are looking for NMN supplements to buy, make sure the company has great reviews and listen to what other people who have used the product have said about the quality.

BioTech Life Sciences offers >99% purity NMN and NAD+.  

NAD+ & Mitochondria 

Your mitochondria are the power hubs of the cell and provide energy to your cells that are required to function. 

As we age, the mitochondria in our body become more dysfunctional and inefficient where they produce excessive waste in the form of free radicals.

Mitochondria rely on a supply of NAD+ to produce a form of cellular energy called ATP.

NAD+ is crucial for the redox reaction where it carries electrons from one reaction to another. 


If you want to increase your NAD+ levels, you can do it naturally through exercise and a healthy diet.

However, as we get older, NAD+ diminishes significantly in the body and many people have found huge benefits from supplementing with NAD+ or its (slightly better) cousin, NMN.

There is also the possibility that as people get older, the option of exercise becomes less of an option due to lifelong wear-and-tear to the body.