Facial Steamers and Their Surprising Benefits

Currently, facial steaming has become more trendy and the go-to option for those who want to take care of their skin and keep it healthy. But why is facial steaming so popular and what are its benefits? We will delve into this and help you gain a broader perspective of facial steaming.

What is Facial Steaming?

Facial sauna or facial steaming is basically letting your face absorb steam for a couple of minutes from either a bowl of water or a facial steamer. For better results, some people recommend using a towel wrapped around their head, hence concentrating as much steam as possible towards their face. Also, some people prefer using hot towels directly on their face. Regardless of how you choose to do it, there is no denying the fact that facial steaming has numerous benefits which we will go ahead and outline.

Decreases the Effects of an Aging Skin

As we grow older, our body’s produces new skin cells at a slower rate and it becomes less efficient at eliminating dead skin cells, As a result, this makes our skin look aged, discolored and dull. However, regular facial saunas can aid in stimulating the skin, hence fighting this problem. When steaming your face the outer surface layer of dead skin is softened, making it easier to exfoliate your skin and reveal a new and fresh skin layer. A facial steamer also enhances blood circulation around the face resulting in increased skin turnover, leaving your skin looking firm and young.

Removes Toxins

Toxins found in our bodies are not healthy for our skin and facial steaming helps remove them farther much faster. When we sweat our skins releases toxins due to the heat from the sun or exercise. Since steam causes our skins to sweat much more it results in a greater release of toxins.

Helps in Preventing Acne

If you are struggling with an acne breakout and you haven’t found a remedy yet, then facial steaming could be it. Acne occurs as a result of clogged pores which irritate and later infect your skin causing acne. When steaming your face the heat opens up your sweat pores, thus breaking away the hard sebum that is stuck in them. This, in turn, clears any bacteria or dirt that might have led to an acne breakout.

Prevents Dry Skin

Since facial steaming opens up your skin pores and makes it more absorbent, all your hydrating and nourishing skin products will be more effective. This is because they penetrate more deeply consequently fighting dry skin. However, you should take care not to steam for prolonged periods or too frequently as this causes excessive sweating resulting in dry skin.

Hinders Sinus Problems

The other benefit of a facial steamer is that it converts water into a moisturizing and soothing mist that assists in preventing the detrimental effects of dry air on our sinuses. The vaporized mist makes our sinuses exhale and inhale more effortlessly. To achieve a more refreshing and calming effect you could pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil in your bowl of water. Eucalyptus oil does not only smell good, but it also has nourishing and essential oils that will help your sinuses.

Relaxing Experience

Steam is commonly used for relaxation treatments and that’s why steam saunas are so popular. Facial steaming is no different, it is a calming and soothing experience that will make you look forward to it every week. Furthermore, adding ingredients such as eucalyptus oil adds a sensual fragrance to the experience, making it a whole new aromatherapy experience.

Saves Money

We all want to save a buck and facial steaming is one of the cheapest facial skin care routines available. The only thing needed is a significant amount of water in a bowl and electricity. You could also choose to buy a facial steamer which is not expensive. Whatever you choose you can enjoy and relish a facial sauna at the comfort of your house without having to spend money at a spa each week.

Including a weekly or bi-weekly facial steaming routine to your overall beauty routine will have numerous benefits and make your skin look fresh, younger, and healthier and even make your complexion better. However, if your skin is extremely sensitive the recommended time for steaming is a maximum of 10-15 minutes and you should gently cleanse your skin afterwards to eliminate loosened debris.