Faith-Based Coaching Academy: Unleash Your Greatness with Dr. Betsy Guerra’s Life Coach Certification

Did you know that 98% of individuals who dared to infuse faith and spirituality into their personal development experienced mind-blowing transformations? If you’re tired of the same old coaching methods that leave you feeling like just another average Joe, hold on tight because Dr. Betsy Guerra’s Faith-Based Coaching Academy is about to revolutionize your journey! With her unique blend of psychology, spirituality, and divine intervention, you’ll smash through limitations, answer prayers, and uncover your purpose, all while grooving to the beat of your greatness. Don’t miss out on this heavenly opportunity to elevate yourself and humanity to new heights—join us and watch miracles unfold!

A Psycho-Spiritual Approach to Elevating Humanity

Dr. Betsy Guerra is different from your average coach. With a PhD in psychology and over 20 years of clinical work, she knows how to unlock human potential. But she doesn’t stop there. Dr. Betsy adds a unique twist by incorporating faith and spirituality into her coaching methodology. She believes divine wisdom and guidance are essential for transcending human capabilities and achieving greatness. 

The Gift of Faith

Dr. Betsy’s coaching approach is rooted in her deep faith in God and people’s infinite possibilities. She firmly believes we find joy and purpose when we use our God-given gifts to serve humanity. She is also confident that we are called to use our pain and hardships to elevate ourselves and others because “pain is only the path; never the destination.” Dr. Betsy is a testament to this. After losing her daughter unexpectedly in 2013, she experienced unbearable grief. She claims that the gift of faith was the catalyst to help her rise above it stronger and happier. Now she can shine her light and spread her contagious hope by training heart-centered and faith-full leaders as life coaches. 

Answering Prayers and Finding Purpose

Dr. Betsy believes that when we pray, divine inspiration follows. She narrates a touching story of how God’s guidance led her to create a grief program for those who have lost loved ones. Despite her initial resistance, she realized that her personal experience and faith could offer hope and healing to others. The success of this program, along with the support of her mentors and divine confirmations, propelled her to create her coaching academy. Dr. Betsy is living proof that following God’s will can lead to fulfilling your purpose and helping others do the same.

A Guided Life of Alignment

Living a guided life isn’t always easy, and it’s both “empowering and annoying” for Dr. Betsy. She describes feeling unstoppable and invincible with the Holy Spirit as her business partner while annoyed at how much patience she gets to exercise while waiting for His guidance. Dr. Betsy believes in aligning your life and business with God’s purpose for you through connection and obedience. She invites her clients and students to join her on this journey, teaching them to tap into their divine guidance and live a life of limitless possibilities.


If you’re ready to take your coaching experience to new heights and embrace the power of faith and spirituality, Dr. Betsy Guerra’s Faith-Based Coaching Academy is the perfect fit for you. Dr. Betsy will guide you on a transformative journey toward your greatness with her unique blend of psychology, spirituality, and divine intervention. It is your privilege and responsibility to use your God-given gifts for the service of others. Embrace your purpose and let Dr. Betsy help you shine your light and elevate humanity to new heights.