Finding The Truth About the COVID Vaccine

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, misinformation, and hesitation about getting the COVID vaccine has been running rampant all over blogs and social media networks. What may start as a kernel of truth can quickly be transformed into a very dangerous movement, causing people to take risks and make decisions based on flawed information.

With the delta variant in full swing and the idea of getting a third shot booster vaccine on the immediate horizon, it’s also very important for us to try to get our population to get to full herd immunity. Common reasons for those to be resistant include traditional anti-vaccine sentiments. Others, however, that are not quite into that movement,  hesitate as they are worried about the relative speed to market and its race to approval by the FDA. This is not the first coronavirus, so much of the research that’s gone into the creation of the vaccine is best on this research. While Operation Warp Speed allowed for a public/private cooperation and green light to some bureaucracy, clinical trials were still done on a massive scale.

Information is power – be careful what you share and empower others to be informed. Learn more about the truth about the COVID vaccine in the visual deep dive below.

Covid Vaccine