Five Ways To Beat Stress Creatively

Stress is literally a killer. People who are chronically stressed have bad nerves, and they are causing major issues for their heart health. Stress can cause you to have high blood pressure, headaches and more.

There are some great natural ways to combat stress, that don’t require medications. Medicating your stress simply masks the symptoms, but deep down it is still affecting you. Natural stress relievers actually help you get past your stress, and live a happier life.

Try Your Hand At Art

Art is a great way to beat stress, and it doesn’t matter what type of art you partake in. Write a poem that lets out your feelings, Paint a picture that expresses whatever it is that is stressing you out. Make a piece of pottery, and take your frustrations out on the clay as you soften it up.

If you aren’t sure what to paint or create, spend some time online looking at videos, like the inspirational videos on the channel Park West Gallery has on YouTube. You can find inspiration in nature, and more, when it comes to art and creativity ideas.

Start Meditating

Meditations works to lower blood pressure, calm nerves, and even helps people deal with pain. Meditation is easy to do, and it doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of your time each day. In fact, five to ten minutes a day is perfect. You can do it the same time each day, or simply when you need it.


Look through YouTube for videos of guided meditations. You can find them for almost anything that ails you.

Spend Some Time In The Great Outdoors

Spending time outside is a great way to meditate as well. Though you don’t have to meditate indoors or outdoors, you can do it in your car or wherever. Time outdoors can be relaxing whether your are meditating, taking a walk, listening to the water hit the shore or the birds chirping. It’s relaxing and the fresh air will have you feeling relief in no time.

Listen To Music

Music can also be very relieving for stressful situations of all kinds. Music usually comes along with your chosen guided meditations, but you can also listen to soothing music without meditating. Music is a miracle, and can make you happy, sad, or even give you energy. Use that energy to get up and get some exercise, which is also relieving of stress.

Start A Journal

If you like to write, but don’t have the skills of a poet, simply keeping a journal can help you with relieving stress. Write down the things that are bothering you. You can even use it at night when your stressors are keeping you awake. No one ever has to read it, but it allows you to let that stuff go.