Floatation Tank Could Be the Thing We Need to Beat Daily Stress

These days, stress has become a “normal” part of daily existence for most humans on the planet, whether it’s caused by work burdens, dwindling health or personal troubles.

Now, there are many methods that you can use to ease stress, from meditation and yoga, to exercise, relaxation techniques, reading, listening to music, singing to yourself, or even enjoying a glass of wine and good food with good company.

However, for those who don’t find relief even with these methods, there is another solution, which is also safe, tried and tested, and that’s floating.

Now since you’re reading this article, you’re either interested in trying out floating for stress relief or are wondering what it’s all about. Either way, you’ll definitely enjoy discovering more about floatation and how you can use it to relieve stress and anxiety in your life.

How Does Floating Work?

Since floating was initially invented in the 1950s, quite a lot of research has gone into it, and most countries have accepted it as a mainstream healing modality. That’s why you’ll find that there are over 300 floating centers in the US alone, while the Swedes have formally adopted floating as a legitimate form of treatment for an array of different ailments.  

Usually, when you come to a floating center, you are taken to a private floatation chamber, which is usually quite dark and isolated. Once here, you’ll strip down, shower and then enter into the floating pod, which you’ll find is filled with extremely saturated magnesium water that is kept at a very agreeable temperature of 34. 8 degrees Celsius. The room in which the tank is contained is also maintained at the same comfortable temperature to further enhance the sensation of floating.

Thanks to the massive amounts of magnesium contained within the water, your body stays perfectly afloat throughout the session, which often lasts for 90 minutes – minimum!

At this point, most people report experiencing a remarkable sense of mental, emotional and physical harmony. This inner and outer balance can be attributed to the fact that during the entire session, you are deprived of all external stimulation, giving your body and mind the time needed to fully recharge.

Also, thanks to the floating sensation caused by the magnesium water, the brain begins to emit endorphins that make you feel really good, thus boosting the relaxation and pain relief effects.   

While most floating centers only play music at the beginning and the end of the session, some will allow you to play some relaxing and meditative music throughout the entire session in order to further enhance the experience of optimal rest.

Otherwise, the whole point of floating is to remove all forms of external stimulation, so that the only sensation you have is that of floating. This is obviously great for both body and mind because we live in a culture of over-stimulation, so complete sensory deprivation is a welcome change that enables your body to heal at a very fundamental level.  

Once the flotation isolation session is over, you might find it difficult to come out of the pod, as you’ll feel as though you’re experiencing the most restful sleep ever. Afterward, you’ll leave feeling completely reinvigorated, as though you have just completely re-set your entire being.  


Jett Bowman was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He was a former journalist who is enthusiast of alternative medicine, Aside from that he is reviewing books of therapy and mental conditioning. He also, loves to travel and collect souvenir.