When most of us consider the prospect of getting in shape, we imagine tedious hours of hard work, bland food, and pain.  Unless you’re one of those insane fitness fanatics, who go around all day hopped up on wheatgrass shots, you probably hate exercise.  Normal people cringe when they think of fitness.  Stationary bikes, treadmills, and stair climbers might as well be torture devices.  In fact, they are torture devices!

But there is a better way to get fit.  Believe it or not, you can shed pounds (or put on muscle) while having fun.  So to show you how, here are some great ways to avoid the gym, put a little adventure in your life, and get into amazing shape:

Join a Weekend Sports Team

No matter where you happen to live, there are most likely community sports leagues nearby.  Football and softball are the two most common.  These leagues are casual venues, where friends get together to compete against their fellow community members.  Not only are they tons of fun, they are also a great way to get fit.

Play Video Games

From Wii Sports to arcade games like Dance Dance Revolution and Fighting Mania: Fist of the North Star, there are hundreds of video games on the market today that will help you shed pounds and stay active.  While most people associate video games with couch potatoes, many today are reversing the stereotype by using their game addictions to shed pounds and build muscle.

Run for Your Life!

Zombie runs are undoubtedly the most fun way to run a 5K that was ever invented.  Not only do participants have to make their way through zombie-themed obstacles (including blood pits and smokehouses), they are also chased by hordes of the undead!

Laser Tag

Despite what you may have heard, laser tag is not just for kids.  People of all ages can agree that running through a neon lit maze designed like a real life version of a videogame is an awesome way to spend your time.  Trying to outsmart your friends and get the most points will have you burning countless calories.

Head to the Beach

Although many people try to get fit before heading to the beach, the seaside is actually a great place to get in shape.  Just walking in the sand will have you shedding pounds.  But between beach volleyball, swimming, body surfing, and building sandcastles; you will head home from the beach with a tan and a healthier body than you brought there.

Get a Dog

Pets are a great motivation for getting outside and staying active.  Take them for walks, wrestle with them in the backyard, go for a swim at a nearby lake, and explore the neighborhood.  Few things motivate couch potatoes to get outdoors better than adorable pups that always want to play.

If you want a healthier lifestyle, just dedicate more time to physical activity.

There are countless ways to have fun while being active.  In fact, you’ll probably find that the more you get your blood pumping, the more energy you will have and the happier you’ll feel.  Whether it means playing with a family pet more often, going for daily walks, or joining a sports team; it is time to start living better.


Nathan Parsons is a freelance writer and graphic designer, currently working in partnership with Home Leisure Direct.