Glycemic-Index Diet

The Glycemic Index diet is dedicated to helping people lose weight, improve heart health, and improve blood sugar control. If you follow this diet closely you will notice some very positive results in a short period of time. People can feel the effects of the diet in the first couple of weeks. It was also designed to help prevent type 2 Diabetes. So essentially following this diet will improve your overall health condition while promoting weight loss as well. It is a great diet for people who would like to try something new.

The Glycemic Index diet is based on the idea of eating a high level of healthy carbs. The following are some natural food products which contain healthy carbs that are great for your body: bran cereal, carrots, apples, etc. Processed carbs are not permitted. The reason why bad carbs are not allowed in this diet is because they tend to create a unnatural rise in blood sugar levels in a short period of time which can be harmful to your body. Natural carbs will keep your blood sugar at a steady level without unnatural spikes. All you have to do to follow this diet is familiarize yourself with the 0-100GI carb index groups and create meals from food products that fall in the low and medium GI groups. You can eat anything you want as long as the meal is not entirely based on high GI carbs.